It never occured to me to devote one blog post to explaining what blogging is all about. Since I started DigiDame, I have received several calls from friends asking me to define a blog and its purpose.  There are many more qualified folks that can detail the true definition of a blog then myself. However, I will try to explain it in my terms and provide a link to Wikipedia that can also be of assistance.

A blog is an online diary which can be personal or professional (for business purposes). The entries are called “posts.”  The frequency of a post depends on the person writing the blog but most serious bloggers post at least once a day. The whole purpose of a blog is to have the ability to express independent beliefs without having some higher authority edit your thoughts.  Most blogs are written on templates that provide options for pictures, videos, links to related stories, tags (words that can be used for browsing and searching purposes),  font formats and overall structure. Blog posts are displayed with the latest entry first.   

I personally don’t like the reverse chronological order because I find it confusing. Unless you have read the blog posts from the beginning there could be references that you don’t understand. I don’t have a solution, so I have to live with it. I am not sure how others feel about the ordering, but I can’t imagine them liking it, because most blog posts are not self-explanatory. A lot of assumption is granted to the writer. That is true for traditional printed newspapers as well these days.  

In the next post, I will share the latest trends in posting, some of which I’ve just learned myself. I started DigiDame to make sure people my age and older know all about the opportunities in the digital world.  Make sure you read it, because there are some new trends that have changed the world of journalism that you’ll want to know about.


  1. Solution – If you don’t like the reverse chrono order in blogging and you feel that your audience isn’t getting the full story, just hyperlink to the old post in your current one. Then you’re off the hook if they don’t get it.

    It has to be in that order though. People want the latest and greatest news first. At least I do.

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