Facebook For Pets

This blog post is dedicated to everyone who has ever owned a pet or who owns one now. This post is also my first time blogging on the WordPress app directly from my iPhone. So if I “F-up,” excuse me.

Blondie and Coco

The last dog I owned, Coco Hess, was the nearest and dearest to me because of her temperament. I took her to work everyday after her sister Blondie died at 11 years old. Coco lasted till she was 16 and my first dog Gucci died at 11. I miss them more than I can ever express here.

Gucci with me circa 1975. I am the one with the perm

I just heard about a new app called Klooff that can help me reconnect with them in a meaningful way that only the digital world can provide. The app was created by Alejandro Russo and NicolasTrajtman from Chile. They’ve known each other since preschool. They were also partners in a previous startup.

Alejandro and Nicolas attended Walkabout, the digital open house I wrote about yesterday. They are visiting New York to introduce Klooff to the American marketplace.  They sat across from me at Business Insider and we struck up a conversation. Almost immediately I learned about Klooff. I knew then and there that Klooff was going to be a part of my life. I downloaded it this morning and posted my beloved dogs’ photos and info. I have much more to do.

Hanna’s invitation

I told Alejandro that on June 23rd I was attending my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah in Los Angeles which is going to feature dogs as the theme for the Saturday night celebration party. Hanna Young is creating her table centerpieces in honor of dogs loved and cherished. You can’t imagine how special I felt when Hanna asked me for pictures of Gucci, Coco and Blondie. Alejandro told me to take pictures of Hanna’s Bat Mitzvah and they would post them on Klooff.  What a woof woof experience that is going to be.

I thank you Hanna and Klooff for making my babies close to me again.

Nicolas and Alejandro minutes after I first spotted them

Here is more about Klooff:


YOU are the newest member of Klooff, the app for pet lovers.
We’re excited to have you onboard and we can’t wait to see pics of your pet!

A few tips to get the most out of Klooff:
Start by creating a profile for your pet.
Upload some nice and fun pictures of your pets.
Follow your friends and connect with other Pet Lovers.
Earn Klooff points and Badges by interacting with your pets and other Pet Lovers!
Turn your pics into cool products!

Go to the app store and type in Kloff. You will find the app.

…..The Klooff creators are supposed to visit my office tomorrow. If I learn more I will let you know.

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