If You Can’t Stand To See Your Child Unhappy, You Are In The Wrong Business

Joanne Wilson

I want to share a post by another blogger who focuses on food, books, and music even though I’ve have seen her lately write about women, travel, and parenting. Her name is Joanne Wilson and she is the Gotham Gal. Joanne is also an angel investor in a number of start-ups and every member of her family is a blogger, her husband Fred and children Jessica, Emily and Josh.

I was amazed by a post she did last week spotlighting a New York Times story about “parenting.” I feel Joanne was able to capture the essence of the article so well that she really made me examine my own skills, not that I needed Joanne to do that for me. I have always asked myself if I spent too much time at work and not enough time fawning over my daughter. I have to admit that I would not have changed a thing but I do get a little self-conscious when I see friends inserting themselves into every inch of their adult children’s lives. I kind of want to do the same thing but I have a very strong force that stops me, my daughter.

I truly recommend that every Digidame reader reads this story and share’s it with friends. You don’t have to have children to appreciate the message of Gotham Gal’s post. You can spot yourself or a friend very quickly. Thank you Joanne. Well said!

Click here to read Joanne’s blog

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