The Mole Detective

OMG there is an app for this too!

I know that I have your attention. You would be crazy not to read on.

We are all worried about Melanoma. There is no secret what happens if a Melanoma is discovered late. However, if it is caught early, there is a 95 per cent survival rate.

This app is what I call, “Miracle of miracles.” It takes a picture of your mole and gives you a diagnosis immediately.

That is why I love the tech business so much. Just when you think you have heard of everything, along comes another awesome invention.

The Mole Detective uses the universal ABCDE analysis combined with shape recognition software. The acronym means Asymmetry, Borders, Color, Diameter and Evolution. The basic idea is that you keep track of your moles at home and watch for changes. The Mole Detective is the first app to calculate symptoms of melanoma right on your phone. The app analyzes potentially cancerous skin moles, records and catalogs the mole evolution, and reminds you to recheck your moles at a pre-determined time.

I was going to write a lot of copy about my challenges with Basal Cell Carcinomas, but that is a harmless skin cancer that is easily removed. The fact that my legs look like rail road tracks is another story. I am grateful that I have a dermatologist who screens me carefully and knows when to dig deep. No pain, just a healing process.

Click here to visit The Mole Detective website.

Please watch the video. You will get an excellent demo of how the app works. I know that many of my readers rarely click on the videos. This is the one time that you absolutely should. This app is not intended to take the place of regular visits to your skin doctor. It is a supplement.

2 thoughts on “The Mole Detective

  1. Thanks for the write-up on Mole Detective – really appreciate it! The app was inspired by a melanoma survivor and the more awareness about early detection we can raise, the better!

    -Helen (Mole Detective Social Media Team)

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