Small Letters, Big Thumbs


One of the biggest challenges I have writing my blog are the typos. They pop up out of nowhere. Between tapping on one letter and getting another, I am a typo manufacturing machine. I really do check my copy but I don’t generally see the boo-boos until after they are published.

Many people don’t realize that smartphones can help you type better just by changing your settings. In addition, there are app options. Roy Furchgott of the New York Times just provided a sampling of tips and apps to help us improve our typing experience on Apple iOS and Android touch screens.

Furchgott mentions that many of us make the mistake of tapping out whole words one letter at a time. He says a “quick way to speed up typing on almost all phones is through predictive text. Once the feature is turned on, the device will predict what word you are typing after filling in only a letter or two. Choosing the full word takes just a single tap.”

One of the apps he mentions is Fast Keyboard, which is free. This app eliminates the need to switch the keyboard from letters to numbers by displaying both. Fleksy, a free iPhone app, helps the visually impaired.

iOS and Android both have typing expansion programs that you can turn on or off in your settings. You can even personalize abbreviations like “omw” that usually turns into “on my way” to any phrase you like — “on my way, Honey!”

Read more new tricks here.


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