Ditch the Toilet for Better In-Flight Wi-Fi


I think Americans have lost their minds. I just read a survey commissioned by Honeywell that said 13 percent of Americans would be willing to forgo a bathroom for a better in-flight wireless Internet connection.

This is what life is all about these days. Everything has to be connected. Eighty-six percent of Americans now really want Wi-Fi onboard. Nine out of 10 would even be willing to sacrifice amenities if Internet was available on domestic and international flights.

Another surprising number was that 73 percent of flyers said they want Wi-Fi for non-work purposes. They want to talk to family and friends during the flight, download music, and stream movies. No one could have predicted the importance of the Internet during flights. Most passengers complained that the strength of the Internet currently provided was only fair at best.

Honeywell is currently in the midst of developing technology that should enable Wi-Fi speeds of up to 49Mbps for airlines flying Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental, 777, 737NG, and 737 MAX. That is pretty powerful.

Wi-Fi is now available on 38 percent of US domestic flights. Delta is the leading Wi-Fi provider.

So, for better or worse, in a year or two every flight will have a strong Internet connection. Bye-bye to those quiet moments.

4 thoughts on “Ditch the Toilet for Better In-Flight Wi-Fi

  1. I vote for toilets on flights over better wi-fi. And let’s not get into permitting cell phone conversations. (Ouch.) So make my vote toilets over wi-fi and cell phones. And while we’re at it, let’s work towards diminishment of the demand for instant communication which has lessened the interpersonal skills of our population. As it says on the new signs on the New York Thruway, aimed at combatting texting-while-driving, “It Can Wait.”

  2. Wow, Honeywell paid for this survey. Let me think does Honeywell make Toilets or WiFi?
    Interesting conclusion. I would love to see if the CEO of Honeywell would have the same response if he had Diarrhea on a 5 hour coast to coast flight.
    Some surveys are just plain ridiculous!i

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