News Tips

Let me know if there is a mysterious van roaming the streets where you live. Folks in San Francisco and New York have spotted a van sporting all kinds of instruments a number of times.

Look for vans with mounted cameras and LiDAR sensors, remote-sensing technology involving lasers. If you see one, take a photo immediately and email it to me. I will offer it to the highest bidder among photo editors at newspapers and magazines around the nation.

The speculation from USA Today is that Apple is developing a self-driving car and/or a new type of search engine. Apple won’t comment on rumors.

GoPro Becomes A Channel On Roku Player

The wonderment of innovation. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think GoPro would become a content provider to the likes of Roku.

I’m not sure if Roku approached GoPro or the other way around. All I know is that GoPro’s videos will now be seen by more than 10 million people thanks to Roku.

For more than a decade, GoPro has generated enough compelling content to launch its own channel on Virgin America, Xbox and LG. Now Roku wants in as well. This is a win-win for all because GoPro’s videos are true human interests stories.


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