Withings New Smart Scale Measures More Than Weight   

Image: Withings, available in black and white,

I now have a better excuse to step on a scale a dozen times a day.  I’m always hoping that  the numbers will go down, even after I just ingested two slices of pizza.

Withings, a well-respected name in the digital health business, has just introduced a scale that measures your heart rate and pulse wave velocity

Wikipedia defines pulse waves velocity as a measurement from the amount of time a wave, created each time your heart beats, takes to travel through your arteries. “The faster the wave, the stiffer your arteries are, in turn indicating an increased risk of health issues. The slower the wave, the healthier your heart is.”

Of course,  Withings warns that nothing replaces a thorough medical examination, but some people like check their measurements at home as well. For those potential customers, the Withings’s latest smart scale retails at  $179. 

 Mashable gives a few more details.

2 thoughts on “Withings New Smart Scale Measures More Than Weight   

  1. Okay, so if I step on the scale and it shows that my arteries are stiff, what then? Won’t just knowing that add to my stress, which will make my arteries stiffen up more? Well, you can see where this is going. I like the idea, but think I’ll take a pass!

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