The Exo-Glove Poly Restores Your Grip 

Ever since I managed to get a stress fracture right under my right knee, I have become acutely aware of so many other people with physical limitations. When I was using a walker, other people limping along would stop to compare notes. At first, I was embarrassed, but then I started to get into it. Eliot and I had conversations on the street with people that we never would have met before.

This morning I met a neighbor who broke her elbow. She would have normally walked right past me, but she remembered I was using a walker for a few months so she was eager to tell me about her mishap. I started to think about seniors who get permanently disabled and wondered how we are all going to cope if it happens to us.

Tech journals are always keeping me up-to-date on really smart people who invent miracle mechanisms that can get folks moving again. This is one I recently read about and I wanted to share it with you because a slew of these will be available in the next few years.

Kyu Jin Cho, a mechanical engineer at Seoul National University in Korea, and his team, designed a glove made from a flexible, rubberlike material that can help disabled people of all ages grip objects. The website explains that the Exo-Glove Poly fits over the thumb and two fingers of a person’s hand. 

“It helps them perform simple, but previously impossible, tasks. Wires attached to those fingers can be moved by a small motor. The motor, controlled by a simple switch, pulls on the wires to open and close the hand. The result is a glove that can help people function.”

Cho’s said “Exo is Greek for ‘outside.’ It refers to the fact that this glove is worn outside the user’s body. Poly is Greek for ‘many.’ That refers to the fact that the glove’s rubberlike material is a polymer.”

The cool fact is that Exo is waterproof. “Users can wash their hands or clean dishes while wearing it. The glove also can be removed and washed when it gets dirty.”

Pricing hasn’t been established. Please watch the video to see how it works.

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