Sperm Counts

Three different men sent me stories today about a big advancement in semen analyzation. They  thought I should share with my DigiDame readers. It’s a serious topic that doesn’t get talked about enough.  Thank you to all of them. 

A group of Boston scientists developed an app and camera attachment that analyzes sperm quality using a smartphone. Their findings were presented in a study published Wednesday in the Journal Scientific Translational Medicine. 

It’s amazing just how many functions our smartphones can perform. This new one shouldn’t surprise me, but it does. Several tech publications wrote about this development today. Mashable was one of them. Read their comprehensive story here.

The new smartphone-based semen analyzer takes the usual high expense and embarrassment out of sperm testing. The semen analyzer focuses on concentration and how well the cells can move around. This is very important to get the full picture of fertility. The smartphone accessory and microchip cost $4.45 to build.  In the past, this process cost tens of thousands of dollars on a traditional computer. 

The inventors said the sperm analyzer has a 98 percent accuracy. “More than 45 million couples worldwide experience infertility and more than 40 percent of those cases involve male infertility.”

The product should be available next year.

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