A View From The Balcony 

Allen Hirsch, the inventor of HandL phone cases, our client, spent the day with us yesterday, taking in the view. First and foremost, Allen is a well known, international artist, who has painted a dozen Time magazine covers. I have talked about him several times in my DigiDame posts. 

His art studio is in his SoHo loft in New York City. He carries his art supplies with him everywhere. We watched him do his thing on canvas for two plus hours. After he was done, he created the digital landscape below on his iPad in 15 minutes. We watched both of his creations with great admiration. The speed of the iPad painting reminded us of the wonders of technology.  

We can’t imagine what’s next. 

The materials

The Artist

Prepping the canvas

Analyzing the work

Changing The Mood

Zeroing In On The Details

A Long Shot

A Sneak Peek

The Masterpiece

A Digital Painting With A Different View

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