Meetup × WeWork

This is what I call a natural.  

WeWork, the real estate company which offers shared co-working offices in 17 countries, with 170 locations, across 58 cities, has purchased, a online social platform that brings people together for common interests like book clubs, tech seminars, and hobby groups. 

WeWork told the press “that 100,000 people have attended Meetups in WeWork locations this year. With the deal, WeWork will get access to Meetup’s 35 million members.”

WeWork, which launched in 2010, is worth an estimated $20 billion according to a Google search. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The reason why I am writing this blog post is because not many people our DigiDame age have engaged with both companies. I have. While I was mostly surrounded by much younger folks, I always took advantage of what they had to offer. 

Our lives would have been much different if we could have easily accessed like-minded people when we were just starting out. The networking facilities and programs provided by WeWork and Meetup nurture careers that lead to important contacts and brand new ideas that you  just can’t get anywhere else. 

I urge you to partake in a WeWork facility or Meetup gathering if you have a new idea for a business, or if you want to help a younger person in your family. It’s like entering a new  world. 

Don’t miss it. You will be amazed and slightly envious of what we missed. 




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