Nothing Left Unreadu

I just downloaded a new app for $3.99 that is going to cure a lot of my reading challenges in the future. Pocket Glasses is going to be very helpful for me with menus, labels on boxes and cans, clothing tags, prescription bottles and all other items that have tiny type.

I see too many of my friends struggling to read, even with their glasses. Pocket Glasses should do the trick. I sometimes notice much younger people having difficulty reading type that is colored light grey or yellow. I always wonder why companies go out of their way to make copy difficult to read. I think they think, it’s fashionable. What a joke.

Pocket Glasses is a pocket magnifier app that features a zoom capability and a flashlight. It has four modes.

1-A slider to zoom-in and a screen capture/freeze for videos. That means you can now read type that is moving.

2-A built-in flashlight to help you read in the dark.. You must give camera and mic permissions for this application to work.

3. Sight Correction: Use it to adjust the app to your eye defect. Do you have any?

4. A magnifier/zoom to use with one of two predefined zoom modes x2 x3 or use the slider to enjoy up to x16 magnified vision.

I hope this app gives you the ability to read a lot more. You don’t want to miss the fine print.

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