Amazon and The Synagogue Of Rouen

No, Amazon didn’t buy a French Synagogue. These are two different subjects I want to talk about today.

First Amazon. Be very careful about returning too many Amazon items. The company is cracking down on people who constantly return things. The Wall Street Journal just did a story about how Amazon is closing down phony customers. I suggest you read it so you don’t get a surprise rejection. Click here.

On to the Synagogue. AmaWaterways featured a Jewish Heritage tour today of Rouen. The city is about 90 minutes north of Paris. The temple we visited has been around since 1954. It was completely rebuilt after it was destroyed during WWII.

Only 250 families belong to this temple and most Shabbats only attract 10 to 20 people every Saturday. A Rabbi travels from Paris to Rouen to conduct services. About 700 members show up for the High Holy days.

The temple had one marriage and one Bar Mitzvah in the last three years. Most congregants prefer going to Paris because it’s easier for families to gather there.

One of the senior members of the temple met with us, showed us their Torah, and even blew the Shofar. AmaWaterways brings passenger guests to this temple every week. They also give a weekly donation of 50 Euros.

That’s what I call smart marketing.

Street art work in Rouen.

1 thought on “Amazon and The Synagogue Of Rouen

  1. Nice pix, impressive story. But I’m confused by the inscription at the bottom of the WW2 memorial plaque. The French says (a version of) “Thou shalt not kill.” But the Hebrew לא תרצה doesn’t look right. Or is my translator off? In any case, a sad memory in an historic place.

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