A Device That Could Make You Hot Or Cold

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m always cold. I’m the only woman in the universe who went through menopause with a wool sweater on. I never had night sweats or perspired through my work or party clothes. Some days I wanted to. I was always chilled.

I’ve been cold my whole life. My mother thought there was something wrong with my circulation. The doctors told her I was fine. When Eliot and I moved in together, he promised to keep our New York City apartment steamy hot. He did, but I still had complaints. If he walked past me while I was watching TV, I felt a draft. The apartment temperature was 90 plus degrees.

Even though I now live in Miami Beach, where every day is broiling, I still have to deal with freezing supermarkets, restaurants and movie theaters. I continue to carry a sweater on my arm and socks in my purse, if I need them.

I recently heard of Embr Wave, a wearable personal thermostat that helps you feel more comfortable indoors. I found a story about it in Business Insider.

You wear it on your wrist and it takes three minutes to make you feel five degrees warmer or cooler.

Embr Wave is all about skin temperature. When you are cold, your body temperature doesn’t really change. Your skin temperature does. The company claims that if you put something warm against your skin, Embr Wave heats you up.

It makes sense to me. It’s similar to when you wipe your hands on a hot towel. It warms your whole body.

The idea for Embr Wave was created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2013. A recent Kickstarter campaign raised $630,000. The company’s goal was $100,000. Intel and Bose also became major investors so this product must be good. It better be. It is priced at $300. That may seem like a lot to you. To me, there is no price I wouldn’t pay for comfort.

3 thoughts on “A Device That Could Make You Hot Or Cold

    • Me too! Every time I went into Lois’ apartment in NYC in the winter I thought I would faint from the heat. We are total opposites; she is always cold and I’m always hot!! But we are still friends!!!

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