Lois Whitman-Hess has been in the tech business for 45 years. Yes that long.  She started as a consumer electronics journalist at HFD when she was 18 working alongside industry veterans Manning Greenberg and Aaron Neretin. Eight years later she got recruited by Richard Ekstract to Consumer Electronics monthly where she learned the essence of business.  Three years after that she started HWH Enterprises with Eliot Hess, the art director at CE Monthly. They were later married. Together they own and operate HWH PR, one of the best known and longest running PR agencies in the tech business.  Lois has attended every Consumer Electronics Show.   She is a business advisor to dozens of companies, a marketing consultant, speaker, writer, deal maker and networker.

Lois decided to start this blog because she feels it is important  for the 55 plus crowd to be aware of an ever changing  digital world.. What is new one day in the world of the Internet is old the next.  Keeping up with innovation is like being Lucy packing chocolates from that runaway conveyer belt . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NPzLBSBzPI&feature=fvwrel   While her  friends are downsizing and playing golf or spending more time with their grandkids, Lois is trying to become knowledgeable about Instagram, Highlight and Pinterest.  The real challenge is just not understanding what these technologies do, but how to use them.

Lois says those who are older have a deeper understanding of the potential and practicality of most of the technology today.   Most younger people want instant gratification and take things at face value.   Their intuition is all about using the mechanics, the senior generation is all about applying them to life experiences.


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  1. Great posting today,Lois!!!  I downloaded TED app to my iPad. Thanks for your insight!!! I check DigiDame everyday to see what exciting research you have found to share.

    Anne Saxe

  2. I loveeeeeeeeee StumbleUponThis for a long time…. you can get lost in there for hours….. and just to say really been enjoying your blog!! I look forward to reading it every day and have it delivered to my email

  3. Amazing…….I’m not against computer technology since you can see by this message I’ve adopted it’s use in a practcal manner. Andrew Sager is a friend who referred me to your site.
    I’m glad to know you’re active and happy with your life. It’s not that I think the modern age is lacking in use or interest, but thus far my computer is not able to sweep the floor, plug in a wire, or apply a band aid to a cut. When this glass screen needs to be cleaned , so far I’ve found no way other than the old fashioned method to get it clean. Maybe it’s my hardening arteries at 85 that limit my learning ability.
    Most of art basil is ” be different nonsense” but the paper layered sculpture is terrific art

  4. wow i just saw your attack on me and my article for the Forward on Mrs. Maisel. I usually don’t respond to vitriol and I made it a special point to say I hate to critique other women, but as a Jew and someone who worked in Holocaust orgs I felt very strong about anti Semitism, as it is on the rise. Other critics have validated my opinion, but regardless, such nastiness was unwarranted …wow you are an angry person.susan silver

  5. You’re quite welcome, Lois. Glad everyone got a good laugh out of them. Also glad to know I’m not the only one who’s issued many a quote that’s probably turned out to be huckstering for my employers. Now I’m a truth-shouter, kind of like Jim Carey in Liar Liar. I think my favorite “little white lie” was predicting 50% penetration of HDTV by, as I recall, 1990 or so. I know, all ancient history now. Surely there were many others, like CeBus becoming the default platform for home automation. Oops.

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