7 thoughts on “The New Normal 

  1. There is nothing normal about this man…..nothing normal about what he has to say…..he is going to have to grow up and stop his snibling. I am sorry everyone, I cannot stand him. We can only hope that there will be kind of normalcy starting in 2017………

    • My friend Nancy in Santa Fe keeps telling me that he will never be her President and will not watch his inauguration or any of his speeches and I agree with her. He is an embarrassment to the USA as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Trump will never change, so stop hoping. It’s pathological. The media is so important in bringing the truth to everyone. All citizens need to stay informed, and even though we gag when we hear what he is up to, we must be aware and alert.

  3. Stop the whining and how about giving Trump a chance to execute on his strategy! You likely said many of the same things about Ronald Reagan after he won the presidency and then did turn around our economy with runaway inflation with an 18% prime rate as well as bring an end to the Cold War. So try to suck it up! Hillary lost! Trump won! So give him a chance like many of us did with Obama who also beat Hillary with the experience of a Chicago community organizer!

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