Shocking News From The Travel Industry

I was shocked to learn that American Airlines tried to take all of our miles away from us. They might try to do it again.

Many cruise ships are traveling to their final destination and then they will be dismantled for scrap.

An ever increasing number of people are trying to sneak guns on flights.

Thousands of airplanes are being stored in deserts on the west coast until the airlines decide if they will ever be used again.

Are hotels safe?

Which countries are turning Americans away even though our administration says we are free to visit.

Why airlines will be filling the middle seat starting in October?


740 Park Avenue

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

I bet most of you never heard of 740 Park Avenue. Unless you have a billion dollars in your pocket, most likely you haven’t been invited there. The uber expensive co-op just happens to be home to many of the wealthiest families in America.They are also the most politically powerful.

That’s not the entire story. The documentary also covers the disparity between the families who live on Park Avenue in Manhattan to those who live on Park Avenue in the Bronx. You go from a 20,000 sq.ft. apartment to a roach infested tenement. It gives you a lot to think about.

The reason why I posted this is because I am not happy about the way a lot of folks have been talking about my hometown. I’m not happy about the way NYC residents ran to the burbs to hide during the pandemic. Instead of staying put and helping retailers and restaurants restore themselves, they are letting others do the heavy lifting. Once the cold weather sets in, watch them come crawling back. Lock the door and don’t let them in.

This gorgeous piece of art was created by artist John DeFaro. This lucky gem will put Biden/Harris in the White House.

Kathryn Mikesell of Fountainhead Residency is a Miami Hero.

FWC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation) to test water after thousands of fish turn up dead in Biscayne Bay

Productive Pandemic

Before we get to the issue at hand, I wanted to make sure you saw the music video below. It’s just a few minutes.

Some of our favorite hours during the pandemic, is watching documentaries. Bios are our thing.

Dominick Dunne: After The Party

Mike Nichols: American Masters

All Or Nothing At All


Saturday Evening Posts

Saturday Night Outdoor Movies Over Miami Beach. We had great seats

It’s coconut tree trimming time in Miami. Tree after tree look like pieces of art as the coconut palms and drooping fronds fall to the ground to form sculptures.

Notes To Share

A New Assignment

Christina Quarles

Eliot and I are so proud that one of the alumni artists of the Fountainhead Residency just sold a painting for $400,000 through Phillips Auction House. It’s so nice to know that Fountainhead plays a meaningful role in the creative lives of thousands of artists all over the world. I’m on the Board at Fountainhead. Here is the story of Christina Quarles.

Phillips Sale 

Hurricane Isaias

A friend’s story

Progress Report From Our Friends Who Live In Mallorca

A Pandemic Accessory

Eliot and I were told weeks ago to buy a pair of goggles for each of us if we were going to fly anywhere. The goggles are supposed to protect us from touching airborne droplets and then scratching our face. That act alone could cause someone to contract the virus.

A number of companies are already designing and manufacturing protection glasses.

I found one on Indiegogo. It’s called Stoggles : Stylish Protection For Your Eyes. Marketing copy says, “Protects from germy fingers and airborne droplets: blue light filter + light responsive + Rx friendly.”

Top Features

  •     Transparent Side + Top Shields

  •     Anti-Fog Coated Lenses

  •     Blue Light Blocking Lenses

  •     Light Responsive Lenses

  •     Rx Lens Options

  •     Impact Resistant Polycarbonate

  •     ANSI Z87.1 Certified (PENDING)

  •     All-day comfort

The Stoggles are not that expensive. They will be available very soon. Long before I saw Stoggles, we bought a regular pair of goggles as a safeguard. Now we will consider Stoggles.

Museum Layoffs

This week has brought bad news for East Coast museums, with three major ones—the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston—announcing layoffs. The Met laid off 79 employees and furloughed an additional 181, bringing its total layoffs since the pandemic began in March to 160, some 20 percent of museum staff. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has laid off 85 employees; an additional 42 having accepted voluntary separation agreements, the number of employees there is down by about 23 percent. And the MFA cut its staff by 57, with another 56 workers taking voluntary early retirement offers.

And things could get worse yet for museums across the country. A survey by the American Alliance of Museums in late July found that one-third of United States museums could shutter permanently in the financial fallout related to the pandemic. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest.

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