Reebok Changes Footwear Forever  


Reebok is about to change the entire footwear industry in both design and manufacturing. This is major news since there hasn’t been much innovation in the last 30 years.

After reading what I post here, and watching the above video, you will understand why this is going to impact all kinds of footwear.

Reebok is creating a new Liquid Factory, tentatively scheduled for Rhode Island, that uses both robot technology and 3-D drawing to manufacture shoe components without using traditional shoe molds. This means that the cost to manufacture shoes in the United States will be reduced dramatically and the speed of production will go faster than ever.

It’s so exciting that Maria Bartiromo, of Fox News, rushed to be among the first to report the news. She interviewed Bill McInnis, the Reebok executive, who is the head of the Reebok Future Team.  He told Maria that this new innovation will open up new opportunities for what can be created.

If you watch the video you will understand how the process takes place. It shows how robots use high-energy liquid to draw in layers in order to create the first ever energy-return outsole which supposedly is dramatically better than a typical rubber outsole. It also stretches and molds around the foot, providing a three dimensional fit.

Reebok collaborated with BASF and the Rampf Group to make this all happen.        

Reebok issued their own video to explain the process. It’s pretty amazing. This is the future.

See The Future In Solar Panels

If I was ever to own a private home again, I would definitely want solar panels. I just can’t stand the way they look.

Then I got an email from my friend Carlos, who showed me a YouTube video of tech celeb Elon Musk, yes the same one who is CEO of Tesla,  introducing better looking, and better performing, solar panels. 

I have included a 15-minute video where you get to see the panels and watch Tesla speak. You should watch his performance. He sounds like an ordinary guy, rather than a snooty technical genius. 

Testa reminds everyone that the purpose of his company is always to introduce products that are first with sustainable energy. 

Tesla introduced solar roofing that comes in four styles that are very different from what you have ever seen. The variety includes: Textured Glass Tile, Slate Glass Tile, Tuscan Glass Tile, and Smooth Glass Tile. None of them look they are solar panels. They are extremely fashionable.  Each style is transparent to solar, yet appears opaque from an angle.

The solar panels boast new Powerwall 2.0 battery units that keep reserves if needed. 

For more details, read the Tech Crunch story that covers the Tesla introduction as well. 

Felipe Grimberg’s Life With Botero

If you truly love ❤️ art, then you know how Felipe Grimberg felt when he sold his first Botero. He had a true sense of loss. He acquired it as a Bar Mitzvah gift. The painting was on his wall for a long time and when it was gone, he felt like he lost a good friend. 

Felipe went on to become the world’s most successful dealer selling 400 artworks from renowned Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. He started out selling Botero’s in his hometown of Medellin, to finding customers all over the world. 

We met Felipe at the Perez Art Museum of Miami the other night where he gave a talk on the content of his coffee table book, Selling Botero. 

Everyone in the audience received a copy. The beauty of the book is that it explains, in Felipe’s words, what it’s like to be a true art enthusiast. He led a dream life selling art work that he was completely passionate about.

Felipe has been quoted saying, “Being able to help people acquire great art works that will enrich their lives is a wonderful experience. It is great to see people buy, place the work in their home, hang it or install the sculpture and live with this great accomplishment. It is wonderful to see works pass through generations and for them to receive the monetary profit from their investment.”

Here is a recording of the talk. Click below.

Here are some of the photos I took at Botero’s Museum in Bogata.

You Have To Hear This Interview 

Debbie Nigro, of the Debbie Nigro Radio Show, asked author Kent Karosen, how much longer it will be before researchers find a cure for Alzheimer’s. He answered it. Kent knows a lot about the subject because he is President and CEO of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

Click here to hear the interview. His explanation is very promising.

Kent is also Senior Managing Director and Partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. He escaped being killed on 9/11 by just minutes. He was walking into the towers just as they were coming down. For the last 15 years he has totally devoted himself to helping others. Kent never fully recovered from this horrifying experience. His charitable work is what he lives for.

Year after year, Kent is in charge of the annual Cantor Fitzgerald 9/11 Memorial Service for the families of his 658 coworkers, a Member of Intrepid Museum’s Board of Directors, Chairman of the Star Leadership Awards and Dinner, Temple Emanu-El Miami Beach, as well as President and CEO of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

Kent just wrote a book for children which explains Alzheimer’s disease using artwork created by children juxtaposed with art created by Alzheimer’s patients. Called “Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name?,” the book demonstrates the power of art therapy for all ages and a way for parents and family to share with a younger audience what is happening to Grandma or other loved ones.

Bloomingdale’s is devoting three windows to the book starting November 1 in New York City and then again in their Aventura, Miami, FL store the week after. The book will have an official debut at the Williams McCall Gallery in South Beach on Nov 3rd. Kent has a full schedule of activities around the country after that.

Below is the press release announcing his new book.  

Fisher Center Publishes First Educational Book About Life’s Journey With Alzheimer’s Disease to Kick off Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

 Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name? Now Available for Purchase

 New York, New York, November 1 – Today, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a book written by the Foundation’s President, Kent L. Karosen, and co-author Chana Stiefel. 

The book explains Alzheimer’s disease using artwork created by children juxtaposed with art created by Alzheimer’s patients, demonstrating the power of art therapy for all ages and a way for parents and family to share with a younger audience what is happening to Grandma or other loved ones.

 “With the Alzheimer’s epidemic at an all-time high, it’s never been as important to increase the amount of research being conducted in an effort to find a cure,” said Kent L. Karosen, President/CEO Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. “In the meantime, we must make it a priority to educate those around us about the disease, and through Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name?, my hope is that a younger audience will have a better understanding of the disease that affects their loved ones.”

 The book is now available for purchase at the start of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, to address Alzheimer’s which directly affects 5.3 million Americans and an expected 16 million people by 2050. The disease costs our country over $200 Billion annually and is estimated to cost over $1.1 Trillion unless there is a cure.

 “As the first female artist to have a permanent sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, I can attest to the power of art therapy and the exquisite artwork featured in Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name?, said acclaimed artist and sculptor, Ursula von Rydingsvard. “Creating art gives Alzheimer’s patients autonomy and a sense of dignity in the midst of a disease that often leave them feeling powerless.”

To get a copy of Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name? visit

 About the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

Led by President and CEO, Kent L. Karosen, the Foundation was established in 1995 by Zachary Fisher. The Foundation has received the exceptional 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator for the fifth consecutive year.

 The Fisher Center is one of the largest and most modern facilities in the world dedicated to solving the puzzle of Alzheimer’s, and considered by many to be a prototype for Alzheimer’s research. The Center is led by Nobel Laureate Dr. Paul Greengard, recipient of multiple awards and honors throughout his career, and includes a research team of over 50 world-renowned scientists. To learn more about the Fisher Center’s innovative research, go to



Jonathan Poretz: Chapter Two

I don’t want to write too much here. I want you to watch the emotional video that will tell you why Jonathan went from being a PR executive to becoming Frank Sinatra. 

Jonathan worked at HWH PR for a few years. He did some amazing work at our agency but nothing prepared me for this transformation. He tells his story beautifully. I hope this inspires others to reinvent themselves, no matter how old they are.


The New Normal 

My Broadway producer friend, Ted Seifman, visited us this past Saturday from New York. When he was on his way home on Sunday evening, he had a Kodak moment at the Ft Lauderdale airport. I had to share it with you..

From Ted, 

“Here is another one of my inflight mass emails. 

I’m currently on a flight from Ft Lauderdale to NY. Before we boarded, there was a two year old, not only looking at an iPhone, but scrolling and choosing what videos she wanted (photo 1). 

But wait, it gets better! I take my seat, and next to me, is 20 month old who’s doing the same thing after putting her earplugs in (photo 2). 

In addition, what these two “infants” had in common, was that they also knew how to find their favorites on YouTube!  There really isn’t much more to say. Hope y’all are swell and not feeling as old as I do right now. 

Much love, Ted 


Ted is standing next to Eliot in the photo below. He brought his friend Tom Miller, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, along for dinner. We all thought it was funny to stand in front of the “elderly”sign. 

Tom told us he had amazing art work on his body, but didn’t talk about it a lot. Tom is an executive at a major company, a devoted son, a serious art collector, and a volunteer for the needy. 

Tom is far right.

Tom is on the right. I guess he is serious about tattoos. I found his photos on his Facebook page


The Best Halloween Decoration I Have Seen So Far. Go ahead, click. It is so much fun to watch.

The Presidential Election

The Presidential Election: Does Hacked Equal Rigged? Shelly Palmer, a popular tech writer and TV personality, provides Americans with his report on the possibility that this election could be rigged. 

He said, “Anything that can be hacked will be hacked. Electronic voting machines are no exception. Which raises the question, “Could you hack enough electronic voting machines to influence (rig) the outcome of the upcoming presidential election?”

For the entire story, click here. 

And on Twitter …..

Click here for more information.

Click here  for the New Yorker story.

Podcast Reveals Innovative Products 

TV tech personality Steve Greenberg just returned from CEATEC in Japan. CEATEC (pronounced “C-Tech”) stands for the “Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies.” It is the Japanese equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show in the U.S. or CeBIT in Europe. Steve was asked to attend the show so that he could be a member of the judging committee that identifies the most innovative products exhibited. Steve found some amazing new discoveries and talked about them with PR honcho Lois Whitman, in this edition of Lying on the Beach.

Click here to hear the podcast.

Amazon Is Going To Put A Drone In Your Pocket 


You may not believe me, but the majority of DigiDame readers will own a personal drone within the next few years. Amazon recently announced they secured a patent for a voice-controlled drone that fits in your pocket. 

Before you start groaning that you will be using yet another gadget, this new personal assistant could be very helpful to us as we get older.

Amazon said the new personal drones will assist us in ways we never thought possible. It will help us find a lost car in a parking lot, runaway grandchildren in a park, and friends at a concert. We will be able to operate the personal drones by  voice commands or via a companion app. The price has not been set yet.

Amazon said the mini drones will also be used by police as assistants to record videos when needed and to follow suspects on a chase. There are many other commercial uses that will become evident as the months go by. 

Amazon reminded everyone that many of the uses they are projecting aren’t legal yet, but will be sometime in the future. Amazon said they only want to pursue drone uses that are safe and make sense.