Equal Topless Rights Parade

We had a topless show right in front of our hotel today in NYC. The Hudson Hotel is located on 58th between 8th and 9th Avenues. Eliot and I were going out for a casual walk at lunchtime when we noticed that the whole street was cordoned off for a demonstration.

There were topless ladies everywhere. They were protesting for equal topless rights. “If men can go topless, so can women.” I am in favor of equal rights for all but you won’t catch me topless. I need all the support I can get.

Eliot and I spotted our cousin Milo Hess, famous pop culture photographer, in the middle of the action. (Full head of white hair and camera in hand). See Milo below. 

Today’s event reminded us that New York is still a city of surprises. Eliot and I enjoy the unexpected and appreciate the new and different. Live and let live.  

The Solution To Yesterday’s Puzzle

The Northeast Blizzard

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland outside my window. It doesn’t last that long in Manhattan, too many people walking on the sidewalks, too many cars on the roads. I was curious to see what other neighborhoods looked like. I decided to ask family and friends to take photos and send them to me so I can post them on DigiDame. Thank you Mr/Mrs Internet for allowing us to share photos so easily.


Riverhead, Long Island

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Why Do Young People Have All The Fun?

If you don’t think the world of technology has made the younger generation free to say exactly what is on their mind, think again. I really never thought the day would come when young women would be so open about their personal pleasures, especially right in front of a TV camera for the world to see.

That is exactly what happened on the streets of New York last week when Trojan, the condom makers, gave out thousands of personal vibrators as part of a major branding promotion. Several locations were shut down because of inadequate permits but that was all restored hours later. The lines of pleasure seekers ran blocks long.

I thought I was an “open book” but even this has me beat. Can you imagine watching your child on TV talking about his or her sex life, or lack of it? I can’t believe I have turned into such a prude.

Not really. I admire anyone and everyone who can speak their minds. I would really like some DigiDame readers to pipe up. Tell us what you think about any part of this.

Here is a news clip of what went on.
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Not Everyone Knows What I Am About To Show You

Below are videos that I took this morning on my iPhone of a fire on Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. I shot five quick videos that show the fire engines pulling up to the location, the ladders being hiked up to the roof to find the cause of the fire, and the reaction of the people on the street.

I transferred the videos from my iPhone to YouTube, then I wanted to post them here. Normally, I would just cut and paste the links from YouTube. You would then have to click on each one of the links to see the videos. A colleague showed me how to embed the videos into my blog post so the videos can be played from.within my blog, rather than sending you to the YouTube site to view them.

What I am about to explain can only be done on blog posts or websites. You cannot embed a video in an email. Facebook automatically embeds videos for you, but it is interesting to learn how it is done on other sites.

1-First go to YouTube and select the video you want to embed.

2-Press the “share” button. Normally you would then select to “share” it in email, Faceboo,k or Twitter.

3-Instead of selecting which way you want to “share” it, click on “embed.”

4-Copy the code that appears in the box right near “embed.”

5-Go to the website where you want to embed the video and paste the code in.

6-The actual video will then show up on the page instead of the link.

It is so cool. Look at my video posts below. I embeded all of them to show up as videos, not links.

DigiDame Captures NYC Hail Storm

Tree down on 61st between Second and Third Avenues. Photo by DigiDame. The good thing about this was that people stopped to look at it, smile at each other and take turns taking pictures.

Next photo-Eliot Hess captures lightning in Flatiron District, NYC, on his iPhone during storm just the way pal Steve Greenberg told us all how to do it. Hold finger on camera shutter button till you see the lightning strike and then release immediately.