The Biggest Video Game Collection Ever

I heard of Antonio Monteiro for some time, but today I actually got to see him in action.

Last month, Monteiro set the Guinness World Record in February for owning the record-breaking collection of 20,139 video games.

The video above is a look at what all these video games look like together.

All of the games are stacked on the floor to the ceiling. You have never seen anything like this.

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The Washington Post Says Americans Are Not Having Sex

For years I have heard people complain that smartphones were killing the social skills of their children. Now the complaints are that technology is ruining the sex life of people of all ages.

The Washington Post discovered that Americans are not having sex. Of course, who do we blame that on? Once again, technology.

I blame Trump. I assume most people can’t concentrate long enough to achieve a happy ending. They are constantly being reminded about the world we live in. Our president is a continuous source of aggravation.

The Washington Post also claims that technology is affecting the sexual habits at all ages. “There are a lot more things to do at 10 o’clock at night now than there were 20 years ago. Streaming video, social media, console games, everything else.”

People are just not as sexually active as they used to be. Statistics show that the percentage of Americans having relations once a week, or more, is now at 39 percent. It used to be 51 percent in 1996.

Here comes a startling realization. The number of U.S. adults reporting that they have had no sex in the past year reached an all-time high in 2018. Researchers claim that these results came from an aging population and the higher numbers of unattached people.

All I can say is “Oy Vey!”

If you want to read more about this subject, click below.

SPIN – A Spinning Flame In A Glass Tube

We have been living in our Miami condo for 17 years. It’s time for a refresh. While we are going to go slow on our upgrade journey, there are a few things I was thinking about to add that ever sensational “wow” factor.

One accessory is the Spin, a spinning flame in a glass tube. It’s a gadget that can add a very special mood factor indoors and out. Powered with bioethanol, SPIN creates a controlled (safe) tornado of dancing flames within its glass tube.

I first saw Spin on Kickstarter. The company says SPIN uses a thermal lift technology to accelerate air within its tube. “This chimney effect, created by SPIN’s unique shape, boosts flame flow and power up to 500% without any extra energy … it’s simply amazing to see!

SPIN is available in three different configurations and adds a perfect touch of ambiance indoors or outdoors.” Spin starts a $99 and works its way up to $1000 for more complicated designs.

I’ll let you know when the product goes on sale. Please watch the video to see what the Spin can do for you.

See the Kickstarter campaign at

A Surprise Podcast Find

#Photowalk Trader Joe’s

The following was written by Jefferson Graham of USA Today. He is a media machine creating daily stories for USA Today, as well as podcasts, newsletters, and videos. When I read about Trader Joe’s podcast in Jefferson’s recent newsletter, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Here it is.

Did you know there was a Trader Joe’s podcast?

(Everyone’s getting in on the act!)

I didn’t know this until I pulled up Tuesday morning to pick lunch for Michelle and I, and there was that crazy sign in front of the Westchester TJ’s. Check it out.

Turns out TJ’s Inside Trader Joe’s pod is up to episode 12, with professionally produced tales of new flavor discoveries, recipes and a little TJ history. Fans of the store, and they are legion (who doesn’t like lower prices?) would no doubt find this pretty entertaining.

Especially since TJ’s rarely, if ever, speaks to the press. (Go ahead, do a search, and find me a Trader Joe’s article that isn’t about a store opening.) There’s way more info in these podcasts than you’d ever find in print.

Checking out the podcast made me wonder—are there other brands out there doing something similar?

I couldn’t find a Kroger, Safeway, Ralph’s, Von’s or Piggy Wiggly podcast, ditto for McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s, but I did discover a Walmart podcast, where two Walmarters interview associates from within the store. I also found a short General Mills podcast talking cereal and yogurt.

As many of you no doubt know, I’m 2,000 episodes plus in on my daily podcast, Talking Tech, which has been running for over four years. Welcome to the club TJ’s. See you at episode 1000!

My favorite podcast is Slow Burn, the episodic look back at Watergate and the Clinton scandals. In Inside Trader Joe’s, I admire the effort put in and the polished approach to what is basically an infomercial without sounding like one. It’s worth a listen.

What’s your favorite podcast? Hit reply and let me know your choices. My friend Alex is always looking for something new to listen to on his morning bike ride. Help me recommend him something he doesn’t know!

Thanks for the morning read everyone.


The Houseboat Up Close And Personal

Several weeks ago I told you about the houseboat we spotted off the MacArthur Causeway on Star Island in Miami Beach. Today we actually got to see what was inside.

As luck would have it, we have a TV producer friend who was doing a story about the floating mansion. She needed some help with on camera reactions to the houseboat, so Eliot and I, and Ruth and Howard, were recruited. It was so much fun. We all took turns playing on-air personalities.

The inside of the 4,300 square foot structure is just spectacular. You feel like you are floating on the sea from every angle. You are completely free and relaxed. The water, which is just inches away, mesmerizes you with its constant movement,

The three bedroom houseboat, built by a company called Arkup, is selling for over $6 million. Arkup is a manufacturer of fully solar-electric, mobile and self-elevating livable yachts. They should be congratulated. This over-the-top houseboat is a total fantasy trip. Every modern convenience was included, so living on the water is a dream come true. It never tires.

UCLA Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Debuts New Routine

If you didn’t see the performance of UCLA gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi, this past January, then you are in for a real treat.

Here is Katelyn’s performance that went viral in January for her electrifying floor routine.

Katelyn just debuted a whole new floor routine at the PAC-12 women’s gymnastics championship in West Valley City, Utah. This gal is awesome. Watch the video below. You will be seeing a lot more of her.

She scored a perfect 10 and pushed UCLA to the top.

Samsung Got Ripped Off By The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If Samsung paid “The Tonight Show” millions of dollars to be a single sponsor, they really got ripped off. The brand name of Samsung got mentioned only a few times during the show, but nothing special. There was no discussion of what the Samsung Galaxy S10 does and why someone should buy it.

Truth be told, Fallon could have used any smartphone to record parts of the show. Samsung didn’t even do the entire job. They had lighting, audio, and recording help from other professional companies. There was nothing extraordinary about the segment.

Variety made a big deal about the show. They said, “Samsung wants to change the way viewers look at Jimmy Fallon.” I certainly didn’t see that.

Variety said, “Monday night’s broadcast of NBC’s “Tonight Show” will feature no opening monologue and no traditional sit-downs with guests. Instead, Fallon will open the program by telling viewers that the entire episode has been shot with the Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone, which features an ultra-wide camera lens, and explain that it will showcase some of his favorite New York spots.  The collaboration is part of a broad ad deal Samsung has struck with NBCUniversal.

“Samsung’s smartphone connection to “Tonight” adds a new dimension to one of Madison Avenue’s most-sought formats. For the past few years, certain categories of advertisers have placed new emphasis on late-night TV, eager to get their products in front of younger viewers in unique ways that simply aren’t available in scripted programming (and are cheaper than advertising in primetime).”

Yesterday was Apple’s day. This was a waste of money. Here is the Variety story. Click here.

Privacy Or Protection

I’m curious about your thoughts on whether police officers should be allowed to check the cellphone of a person who was driving during a car accident. The state of Nevada wants to change their laws so police can check to see if the driver was texting while driving.

While this questions privacy concerns, many people feel this will help prevent drivers from taking their eyes off the road. Life matters vs citizen rights?

The new possible legislation is called “textalyzers.” There are other cities examining distracted driving laws including New York, New Jersey, Tennessee and Chicago.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said distracted drivers contributed to 3,450 auto fatalities in 2016. Fourteen percent were linked to cellphone use.

An Israeli company called Cellebrite has developed a text tester that would only identify the type of cell phone activity that was taking place during the accident. No personal data would be revealed. What do you think of that?

The Washington Post did a story on this topic that you may want to read.

Give Women A Chance

Our good friends, Gail Williams and Dawn McCall, invited Eliot and me to a fundraiser in their home for the LPAC. We really didn’t know much about the organization, but by the time the event was over we realized how powerful this LGBTQ group is for all women’s equality and social justice. The guest speaker was Congresswoman Donna Shalala. I recorded a few minutes of her speech. Learn more about the LPAC. If you like what your read, donate here.

Congresswoman Donna Shalala

Stephanie Sandberg, Executive Director

Alex Ritchie, Board Member


Gail Williams

Dawn McCall

Andrew Tobias is a well known financial writer and former client of HWH PR.

Broadway Bound “Twist Of Fate”

The magical music of Ron Abel, and the magnificent lyrics/script by Lissa Levin, (our good friends) completely rocked the house at “54 Below” Wednesday night in NYC with their Broadway bound show “Twist Of Fate.” They produced this “musical reading” in an effort to attract Broadway producers. Response has been positive so far. I will let you know.

Read all about the show in a previous DigiDame post. Click here.

The New Female Office Jacket

This may be off-topic a bit, but I wanted everyone to know that many females in the corporate world are now showing up for work in biker jackets. Fortune magazine just did a feature on how the James Dean style started for women and why it is catching on.

Stylists from all over the world are claiming that the biker jackets are making woman look more sexy. I’m not sure if they mean whips and chains or just powerful women of the world. At first I thought Fortune magazine was making up the whole new trend. Then I passed the windows at Barney’s in NYC. Boy, did I get a surprise.

Window at Barney!s