SPIN – A Spinning Flame In A Glass Tube

We have been living in our Miami condo for 17 years. It’s time for a refresh. While we are going to go slow on our upgrade journey, there are a few things I was thinking about to add that ever sensational “wow” factor.


One accessory is the Spin, a spinning flame in a glass tube. It’s a gadget that can add a very special mood factor indoors and out. Powered with bioethanol, SPIN creates a controlled (safe) tornado of dancing flames within its glass tube.

I first saw Spin on Kickstarter. The company says SPIN uses a thermal lift technology to accelerate air within its tube. “This chimney effect, created by SPIN’s unique shape, boosts flame flow and power up to 500% without any extra energy … it’s simply amazing to see!

SPIN is available in three different configurations and adds a perfect touch of ambiance indoors or outdoors.” Spin starts a $99 and works its way up to $1000 for more complicated designs.

I’ll let you know when the product goes on sale. Please watch the video to see what the Spin can do for you.

See the Kickstarter campaign at http://kck.st/2EiZB5V

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