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I wanted to remind you what a true President sounds like. Exclusive One-On-One With Joe Biden: Extended Interview | NBC Nightly News




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Oops, We Lost Another One

steam ship carrying car audio containers

I was amazed yesterday when I was reading “CE Outlook,” a car electronics newsletter, by long-time friend, Amy Gilroy. She actually had a lead story about how many car audio parts are not being delivered to customers in the United States because they were lost at sea. Container ships from China actually lost merchandise that fell into the ocean because of stormy weather.

When I read the post, I had to call Amy to confirm the news. Yes, containers on cargo ships sometimes flip over and fall into the ocean because of very bumpy rides. The reason why I found this so astonishing is because I have questioned the safety of these containers for the 20 years that I have lived next to the Port of Miami. I have witnessed ships with containers packed so high that I thought it was impossible for them to remain intact. Look below at the photos Eliot has snapped of the cargo ships that have passed our windows several times a day. The containers are packed so high you wonder how they can stay that way. When I asked neighbors, or people who work in the area, about the safety of the containers, I was told not to worry. They are tied down so securely that nothing could ever happen.

Thank you Amy Gilroy for telling us otherwise.

Amy’s Newsletter Below

In yet another 2020 setback, “severe weather” at sea has threatened shipping containers from at least two car audio companies.

One leading supplier, speaking anonymously, confirmed that it lost a full container of car audio products on a ship called the One Aquila, out of China due for Long Beach CA earlier this month.

A second supplier, PowerBass, had been notified that its 3 containers aboard the same ship were likely damaged or lost, but later found it was spared any loss.

In early November, the One Aquila hit “severe weather,” which caused many containers on the boat to knock into one another, damaging some and causing others to fall into the sea. PowerBass was originally told by its shipping agent that its containers were likely harmed because they were located at the top of the ship. The containers were filled with PowerBass’s “Black Friday Party Packs” that consist of a subwoofer enclosure with an amplifier and wiring kit.

Orders for the Black Friday special were the largest in PowerBass’s history and it had a total of 11 containers scheduled for shipment, including three on the One Aquila, and some expected to leave on the following boat from China.

“Since we were located at the top, our agent said it could have been ours, but it turns out it was not us that went into the water. Our containers were damaged and they were able to figure that nothing inside was damaged,” said PowerBass VP Product Development and Global Marketing, Erik Harbour.

MV Rena
In 2011, the MV Rena lost about 900 containers running aground in in New Zealand. Photo:  Maritime New Zealand via gCaptain

We PowerBass had went so far as to send out a notice to retailers indicating that half of its holiday promotion orders might have been lost or delayed in shipping. As of now, PowerBass expects to have full supplies of its Black Friday special for November 15. This is later than planned, but the company is grateful it has supplies in time for the holiday sales.

“It’s truly a case of ‘what can happen next this year.’ You know, you say it’s got to get better from here and then something like this happens. We were already behind the ball because of production delays and because of port congestion… The light at the end of the tunnel was our containers didn’t fall into the water. We’re going to be okay and it will get delivered. I’m just a little behind,” said Harbour.

As for the other supplier, an executive at the company chalked it up to another 2020 disaster.

About 1,400 containers are lost at sea each year. Only last year, the MS Zoe, one of the world’s largest container ships, lost a total of 270 containers in the North Sea.

Top Photo: One Aquila via Marine Traffic





Let’s Make This Happen!

Georgia Senate runoff candidates Raphael Warnock (D) vs. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) and Sen. David Perdue (R) vs. Jon Ossoff (D). (Thank you Bloomberg News and Washington Post for this copy).

“The state of play on the two Georgia runoffs that will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate is: It’s close.

Both sides know that whoever wins will have done so because they motivated more of their voters to turn out. Georgia may have just voted for a Democrat for president for the first time in decades, but Republicans running for Senate got more votes than the Democrats. (Let’s turn this around).”


My Emily In Paris smartphone case arrived this morning. I am tickled pink. Here I go prancing around. I’m wearing a beret.



Start your own clock by clicking here. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?csz=1&iso=20210120T00&msg=Time+left+until+Trump+leaves+office&p0=263



A Unique Gift Idea

The Home Shopping Network Features the Kodak’s 360 Degree Camera for the holidays. Steve Greenberg of the Today Show and Game Show, “What The Heck Is That!?,” was picked to showcase this innovative product.


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For some reason I will remember this film forever. A good life lesson. Sophia Loren Makes Her Return to Film: ‘I’m a Perfectionist



I love the way some folks think Giuliani was an actor in “Borat.” We got to see the real him. Trump picks Giuliani to keep him in the White House. I wouldn’t let him water my plants.

Meet Maria Bakalova, the Breakout Star of the ‘Borat’ Sequel



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You Can Learn A Lot From A Mouse

See TV personality Steve Greenberg and Editorial Consultant Lois Whitman-Hess of zoom podcast, “Lying on the Beach,” interview David Chesky, an American pianist, composer, producer , arranger, and co-founder of the independent, audiophile label Chesky Records. He is also co-founder and CEO of HDtracks, an online music store that sells high-resolution digital music.

David Chesky has won Independent Music Awards and received Grammy Award nominations. He has written jazz tunes, orchestral and chamber music, opera, ballet, and a rap symphony.

We are talking to David today because he composed an opera for children that teaches about the absurdity of war and acceptance of cultural diversity while exposing them to classical music. It’s called “The Mice War.” David also turned the opera into an animated movie and a soon to be produced children’s book.

“The Mice War” is about industrious Blue Mice that live in the North and the passive Red Mice that live on an Island way in the south.

The Blue Mice need to make more money so they decide they need to have a war.

The reason for the war?

The Blue Mice eat blue cheese and the Red Mice eat yellow cheese.

What would happen if the Red Mice came and made the Blue Mice eat yellow Cheese?

Let’s find out.

Welcome David.

The Skinny On Skin

Many of us are experiencing skin ailments during Covid-19 that have nothing to do with the virus. Yet, they are very disturbing. Dr. Steve Mandy, an internationally known dermatologist, says that many skin irritations come from stress and/or staying at home. You can hear more about his recommendations in the video below. I also included a Web MD picture essay on skin conditions. Bottom line, it’s safe to see a skin doctor during the pandemic. Don’t let skin conditions get worse during these crazy times. Take care of them early on.

You Will Live On Forever

Get ready! You can meetup with the dead again, or beam yourself up to travel to far away lands without leaving your house. We can laugh all we want now, but Digital Trends tells us why this may all become a reality.



We Didn’t Want To Be A Hologram So We Drove Up To Palm Beach To See Friends

We visited the Grande Dame of Palm Beach, Sunny Sessa, today. Music Director Ron Abel from NYC and Singer Nicole Henry from Miami, were house guests so it was a great reunion. Below are some videos of our road trip when we arrived in Palm Beach.


Oh, So That’s The way It’s Done.


Sunday Favorites

Differences Between Left- and Right-Handedness




I hope you and Eliot have flotation gear. I know, not funny. You’re on a high floor. Please stay safe in the storm season.

Someone — a woman — posted on FB a meme wondering what 45 was doing right now. There were hundreds of comments, snide and funny, but mine I think summed up what a lot of people were thinking:

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”



Rising tides, Eta tropical storm, Miami Beach, Fl, 11/8/20 1:30pm, Going under lifeguard stations across from Nikki Beach Club, Photo by Eliot Hess


Pray that he makes it back. Winds 28 mph from the northeast. Increasing over night. Miami Beach, FL. Photo by Eliot Hess


Donald Trump Loses the 2020 Presidential Election: Why It’s Fun To See – Variety

Donald Trump has no choice: He’s got to get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say to himself, “I’m a loser.”


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