Smile, You’re On Google Camera 

Google has introduced a new type of video camera that I would want to buy if I was an Android user. Called Google Clips, the mini camera acts just like a GoPro.  

The $249 Google Clips automatically shoots seven second videos without audio on its own. The camera is programmed to look for faces and pets. Google Clips does not constantly record. It just captures certain moments. A clip on the back of the 2-inch camera let’s you attach the unit to a wide variety of surfaces.

Google Clips is great for recording snippets at dinner parties, special events, lectures, parties, meetings, and even long walks. Many folks don’t want to be the photographer all the time. Let the camera do most of the work.  Users can choose the best of the best videos for a permanent record on a companion app. It will store your Google Clips so you can edit, share, or make stills. That’s pretty amazing.

Read what USA Today has to say about it.



Finally, A GoPro For Me 

What took you so long GoPro? You finally created an easier way to use your cameras. For years, you had these sophisticated units  that were just too complicated for me to use. You practically had to be a professional digital editor to create a video.

I was one of your first customers. I loved the idea of wearing a camera so I could take a video of everything I saw during the day. I was so loyal. Over the years, I bought several units hoping to master your editing process. To no avail. Now, I hear you finally became user friendly. Bravo!

I’m thrilled that you now have an on-camera trimming feature that produces short clips. I can also edit on the companion mobile app. This is true for the full-size Hero4, the Hero4 Session and the other WiFi-capable GoPros. They can now produce five, 15 or 30-second videos. 

This is great news for everyone who loves to take videos. Read more about it in Digital Trends. Watch the above video, too. 


Photos Worth Noting 

My friend Rene Alberto Rodriguez Bellucci spotted this Drone while walking his dog, SoBe, the other day in Miami Beach. He quickly snapped photos. Get used to this sight. You are going to see a lot more of them.

I can’t believe I took this selfie.

The sign of the times. My Tauck tour leader had his GoPro taping most of the trip. We may be the stars of a new reality TV show.

Polaroid Has A GoPro Alternative


For all of you who would have bought a GoPro a long time ago if it was more reasonably priced, there is now a great alternative.

The Polaroid of today (an entirely new company bought the name) just came out with a tiny Cube that is an active video camera. At $99.99, the Cube is almost a half the price of the least expensive GoPro.

People who have tested the Cube say that the GoPro’s videos are of clearer, brighter, and more vibrant. I’m not sure that really matters for the average person who just wants a record of where he or she has been. For those who jump out of airplanes or ski down the highest slopes, the GoPro is the way to go in order to show off to other professionals.

Meanwhile, the Cube has a magnetic area on its bottom so it can stick to exposed metal. That makes it easy to mount on helmets and other metallic materials. The top of the device is where you can find the camera’s record button. Very simple to use.

Polaroid says that you can get up to 90 minutes of recording time on a single charge. The Cube features a micro USB for powering purposes.

I don’t know if I am going to buy one. I’m so used to taking videos on my IPhone, that I just may make do. I also don’t think I do anything that requires 90 minutes of straight recording. If that need should ever occur, at least I know of the Cube option.

The GoPro Phenomenon


I own three GoPros. I bought one for myself and received two others as presents. I couldn’t wait to own one because I thought I would walk around recording everything I saw. I liked the idea of having a record of all the events I attended.

Then reality set in. This wasn’t going to be a simple edit job. This was serious, dedicated, and sophisticated work. I gave up my desire to be a GoPro user immediately.

It turns out that the GoPro is really meant for those who truly live an active lifestyle. like extreme sports enthusiasts. It’s very important for them to review their every move plus share it with others.

This past week, the New Yorker magazine did the most remarkable article on the GoPro Gestalt psychology. I loved reading it because it talked about the many go-getters who use a GoPro and why. The article said, “In the past five years, videos posted by GoPro owners have attracted half a billion views. On the GoPro channel on YouTube, videos average about half a million viewers each.”

I have included a link to the story because I thought you would want to read why “We are all a camera.” Click here to read the article,

GoPro + Art = Digital Art

One of the reasons GoPro is such a success is the content that is being created by users. GoPro is the video camera that snaps on to your helmet or that you wear on a harness around your chest. The whole purpose is to record everything you see and experience. The founder, Nick Woodman, now 38 and a billionaire, instinctively knew that people all over the world would want a record of their adventures.

Millions of people are using GoPros to video record everything from extreme sports to birthing babies. Users just fasten the GoPro on and record everything in sight in order to share with others or review themselves.

The art community has also jumped on the GoPro bandwagon. Just the other day I witnessed two French artists at Art Wynwood in Miami using GoPros as part of their painting performance. You have to watch the video to see how they paint and record at the same time. The artists, Christian Volckman and Raphael Thierry, are called CR and hail from France. They paint with “four hands.”

CR is well known for collaborative art projects. The painters create animated videos in which one picks up where the other one left off, described as the “cadavre exquis” method. The GoPro videos are projected on flat screen displays for all to see. The entire process makes you feel like you are part of the art.

I own a GoPro. They are so much fun. The only challenge is that you have to be a skilled editor. I am not. It takes a lot of time to produce an exciting video when you have hours and hours of footage.

You have to cut more than you keep. That’s tough for most people.

The Most Popular GoPro Videos

The GoPro video camera has revolutionized the way people capture their activities and the world around them. While early adopters are using the GoPro for extreme sports, I predict it will infiltrate the senior market as we travel more, increase our special interests, and want to record the grandkids non-stop.

Get familiar with the capabilities of the GoPro by watching its most popular videos on YouTube. Some of the videos were viewed two or three million times.

Lost GoPro HD Hero Cam found after 2.5 months at Sea.mp4

Skiing and Snowboarding

GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud

GoPro: Director’s Cut – Shark Riders