Finally, A GoPro For Me 

What took you so long GoPro? You finally created an easier way to use your cameras. For years, you had these sophisticated units  that were just too complicated for me to use. You practically had to be a professional digital editor to create a video.

I was one of your first customers. I loved the idea of wearing a camera so I could take a video of everything I saw during the day. I was so loyal. Over the years, I bought several units hoping to master your editing process. To no avail. Now, I hear you finally became user friendly. Bravo!

I’m thrilled that you now have an on-camera trimming feature that produces short clips. I can also edit on the companion mobile app. This is true for the full-size Hero4, the Hero4 Session and the other WiFi-capable GoPros. They can now produce five, 15 or 30-second videos. 

This is great news for everyone who loves to take videos. Read more about it in Digital Trends. Watch the above video, too. 


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