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Saturday Night Outdoor Movies Over Miami Beach. We had great seats

It’s coconut tree trimming time in Miami. Tree after tree look like pieces of art as the coconut palms and drooping fronds fall to the ground to form sculptures.

I’ve Become A Bird Watcher

And so can you. When we went to the Galapagos in 2018, I watched a group from California, who were traveling with us, jump up and down when they spotted rare birds. I thought they were nuts. I have to admit, I enjoyed watching them get so excited.

Being a city kid, I never thought I would be interested in what flew by me when I walked down the street, or sat on a park bench. Somehow, somewhere, I read about the app “Picture Bird.” All you have to do is take a picture of a bird and post it on the app. Less than two seconds later, a full description of what you just saw appears on your screen.

I’m not saying I’m a full time bird watcher, but you can be sure I’m taking photos of most of the birds I see with my iPhone. I’m learning a lot, and all of a sudden, I am aware of these flying objects. I’m so sorry I ignored them for so long.

Eliot took the photos of the birds below when we were in the Galapagos in 2018.

Last Night’s Miami Sunset. Photo by Eliot Hess.

Last Sunday our girlfriend Katerina Cozias, along with her boyfriend Aristotle, climbed all the way to the top of Mount Bierstadt, 14,000 feet up. That’s the hikers way of quarantining. Congratulations!!!

Rodham and Bacharach

One of the smartest moves I have ever made was to subscribe, and listen, to Mitchell Kaplan’s podcasts. His interviews with daring authors has opened up a whole new world for me without ever leaving my condo.

Today I was thrilled to read in Variety that an author Mitchell Kaplan featured June 26th, is going to have her book made into a movie on Hulu. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m part of the in crowd learning all about her weeks ago. This is a very clever book. Author Curtis Sittenfeld provides an alternative life for Hillary as if she never married Bill Clinton. The story will surprise you. The Variety article also includes a Zoom interview that actress/comedian Amy Schumer conducted with Hillary.

Listen to Curtis Sittenfeld describe why she decided to write about Hillary Clinton. It’s all on The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan on Apple Podcasts.

Update On What 92 Year Old Burt Bacharach Is Doing These Days?

Itching For Answers

Why are so many experiencing a rash of skin problems? Is it from Covid or just staying at home?

LOBOC’s Lois Whitman-Hess and Steve Greenberg go to an expert in the field to find out why are we scratching so much.

Steve Mandy MD, is an internationally known dermatologist. As a photographer, painter, and sculptor, Steve Mandy’s approach to cosmetic dermatology is fortunately with an artist’s eye.

He completed his residencies at Johns Hopkins University and University of Miami and earned a medical degree at George Washington University. Dr. Mandy is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, a founding member and past president of the Florida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He is also a Volunteer Professor of Dermatology at University of Miami.

Known as the “Dermatologist to the Stars” while in Aspen, Colorado, he continued to hone his skills and artist’s eye toward the current procedures in cosmetic dermatology.

Today, his Miami Beach dermatology office is one of the most respected and admired practices in the United States.

The Perfect Way To Get Rid Of Your Frustrations

I have to admit that there are several times a month when I feel like punching someone. That someone is usually a person who says he or she will do something, and never does it. I am not talking about Eliot. I can’t accuse him of that. If he says he is going to do something, it’s usually done in a flash.

I’m referring to folks who I work with on projects, personal and business. I usually find myself waiting for someone to get back to me. It’s so frustrating when we are on deadlines, especially during the pandemic.

There is a solution. There is a new type of punching bag that is just being introduced. It supposedly is great for stress, strength, stamina and even for seniors.

Liteboxer is a digital punching bag that features many different workouts. It’s like having a personal trainer in your home. The traditional punching bag just hangs in the air without any incentives. Liteboxer records your activities and you can compete and compare progress with friends.

Liteboxer provides guided workouts with lights, voice/music via an iOS or Android app. It also features sensors that measure force, timing, and accuracy.

Liteboxer is priced at $1,495. Monthly training subscriptions are $29 for all levels.

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Inside The Art World With Alex Nunez

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Inside The Art World With Alex Nunez, presented by “Lying on the Beach on Camera” hosts Steve Greenberg and Lois Whitman-Hess. We started this episode by yaking, with no formal intro. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Alex Nunez is not only one of the most daring and talented artists we know, she is also an eloquent public speaker, a very unusual tech DJ, and is absolutely funky gorgeous.

Alex is the Program Manager at the Fountainhead Residency, host of the podcast “Sunday Painter (” and most known for her pop culture compositions and large scale paintings filled with explosions of color, texture, and sheen.

She has more degrees than the hot sun of Miami, BA from Loyola University, she completed international workshops at Firenze Arti Visive, Florence and Metàfora, Barcelona. She received her Post-baccalaureate diploma from School of the Museum of Fine Firenze Arti Visive, Florence and Metafora, Barcelona. She also received her Post Baccalaureate Diploma from SMFA, Boston and MFA from Hunter College. Upon completion, she was awarded the C12 Emerging Artist Fellowship.

Click here for the current episode

Read Before You Leap

Dirty Air –What You Need To Know About Inside Dining Or Going To A Mall


Elevator Etiquette: Neighbors Are Getting Testy

Major Book Authors Tell It Like It Is

Thank you Books & Books, one of the country’s best independent book chains, for the most enjoyable times during @stayathome.

The virtual evening with two of America’s best writers: James McBride (The Color of Water) and Jason Reynolds (Miles Morales: Spider-Man) was so rewarding. Jason interviews James on his new book “Deacon King Kong.” Their exchange was priceless.

Can Broadway Survive Covid?

Lying on the Beach On Camera,” with hosts Steve Greenberg and Lois Whitman-Hess, is so excited to present this zoom discussion with Victoria Lang, one of the major producers in the theater world. She details her best understanding of when we may see live theater again.

Victoria has enjoyed an award-winning career in theatre, television, film, concerts and podcasts. 

Victoria is a Founder and Managing Partner of Off Broadway Touring and was a Founding Partner and Co-President for over 15 years of PLUS Media, Inc., one of the largest producers of lifestyle programming for television nationwide.

Recent Broadway productions include TOOTSIE (Tony nomination), THE CHER SHOW, SYLVIA, 1984, and ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILE.

Her production of the smash hit MATT & BEN was called “The Hottest Play in New York” by Newsweek Magazine and “One of the Top 5 Plays of the Year” by TIME Magazine.

Welcome Victoria! 

Introducing You To Micky Wolfson

My friend Ray Elman is the founding editor in chief of Inspicio, the art publication that is sponsored by The College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts at Florida International University (FIU).

The current edition of Inspicio features a video interview with Mitchell “Micky” Wolfson Jr. an 80 year old collector, preservationist, educator and museum founder, who is dedicated to the research, preservation and education of the material culture of the period 1850–1950, through The Wolfsonian–FIU in Miami Beach and the Wolfsoniana in Genoa, Italy.

Wolfson was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, the son of Frances Cohen (December 16, 1906– May 9, 1980) and Mitchell Wolfson (1900–1983), the founder of Wometco Enterprises in 1925 and the first Jewish mayor of Miami Beach in 1943. His older brother, Louis Wolfson II, was a Florida state representative from Miami-Dade County from 1963–1973.

Wolfson received an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a master’s degree in International relations from the Paul N. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

In 1986 Wolfson established The Wolfsonian Foundation, a research center and museum in Miami Beach, and began publishing The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Art, a journal fostering scholarship in late 19th- and early 20th-century design. In the same year he acquired the Mackenzie Castle in Genoa to house his collection, although the restoration works he commissioned remained unfinished and the manor was later sold to an auction house.

Wolfson co-authored Miami Beach: Blueprint of an Eden with artist Michele Oka Doner. Published in 2005, the book is a personal portrayal of Miami Beach from the 1920s through the 1960s.

He is president of The Wolfson Initiative, Washington Storage Company, and the Novecento Corporation. He sits on the Wolfsonian-FIU Advisory Board and the Florida International University Board of Directors and is a trustee for the Mitchell Wolfson Senior Foundation that supports educational and health issues.

Also, he is a trustee for the Mitchell Wolfson Family Foundation that supports the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens in Key West, Florida. He is a member of the International Council of the Museum of Arts and Design, the International Council of The Museum of Modern Art, the International Council of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France, and a past member of the American Friends of the Louvre. He is on the advisory council of Princeton University’s Department of Comparative Literature and on the advisory council of the Paul N. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Whew that was a mouthful. I cut and pasted those words from Ray. The interview Ray did with Wolfson is absolutely amazing. It’s a series of videos so get ready for the most entertaining format.

All you have to do is watch the series of videos which are 45 seconds to three minutes each. It goes quite fast because Ray did an amazing job of presenting engaging sound bites