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Lucie and hubby Larry Luckinbill are smiling from Palm Springs where they live. The play Lucie is referring to below is still one of best ever. Eliot and I were the first to see it because our PR agency helped to secure props for the show. We didn’t know the Luckinbill’s then but we certainly do now. They are the best.

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Lucie with Robert Klein on stage


BFF at the new Via Emilia Garden at 3500 N Miami Ave was an absolute delight. Best food at affordable pricing. Outside terrace with overhang makes it just perfect. Same owners as the one on the beach. Steve Greenberg Robert Armada Ruth Steinik Greenberg Howard Greenberg and Eliot. Photos by SG.


Our good friends, Ron Abel and Lissa Levin Guntzelman, wrote a show together, (words and music), “Twist of Fate” that was previewed in NYC last week. The crowd roared for these two uber talented folks. We are so proud of them.


On My Way to CES


Security camera captures the activities of a friend’s driveway in NJ

My plane takes off for Vegas Saturday morning at 7 am. I am lucky that I’m not in Manhattan because the snowstorm could have screwed up my flight plans. I spent the entire day organizing my schedule and files for the week.

I also had to pack, answer 60 last minute emails for CES, write posts for clients on their social media platforms, partake in an hour long conference call, check my “to do” list, download everything I need to refer to on the plane, charge all my devices, and write this blog post. Somehow I also managed five personal calls and to inhale ten snacks as well.

Of course, I spent the day checking the snow levels back in NY. Knee deep in thought, I get an email from my friend which contained a picture of his driveway in NJ being shoveled.

That normally would have been routine except my friend is here in Miami, nowhere in the vicinity to take that picture. My friend’s D-Link camera is strategically hooked up outside of his home so he can monitor his driveway. He also was able to capture a still picture from the video recording being shot. He sees everything on the D-Link app he installed on his smartphone.

Even though I’m about to embark on the biggest innovation show ever, my pal’s email still blew my mind. The ability to see your home in the north while you sip iced tea in the south for a mere $150 still has a wow factor for me.

Trust me, I have seen security cameras and smartphones work together before. My nephew had a security camera focused on his dog just to make sure she was happy while the family was away for a few hours. I was flabbergasted the first time I saw that capability. And I still am.

I may be jaded about a lot of things, but when it comes to the digital world, I continue to remain in a euphoric state.