Now You Can Produce Your Own Movie

Before we get to today’s subject, I want to be sure you watched “60 Minutes.” It’s a moment in time, I don’t think you should miss this. Click here.

Now You Can Produce Your Own Movie

A company called is capable of taking the videos and photos from your smartphone and turn them in to one long presentation that includes music. The content becomes what calls a Magic Video.

All you have to do is upload your photos and videos into the company’s app, pay $9.99, and you will receive up to a 30 minute home video. The length of the video depends on the amount of content you give them.

In addition to the video, you will receive a DVD copy for the whole family to watch together.

The company started last year by raising money on Kickstarter. The above video was featured on the crowd funding site so it may be slightly dated.

People With Handicaps Can Now Play Video Games

I wanted to give you a feel good story for a change. There is a charity that is dedicated to inventing custom gaming setups for people with handicaps. The devices even let people play games with their eyes and breath.

The Ablegamers Charity of West Virginia wants to “break down the barriers of economic and social isolation for children, adults and veterans with disabilities.”

There are hundreds of combinations of devices available.

The average cost of a grant to get someone playing video games is $350. For people with severe physical disabilities, the cost can go as high as $5000 for all the specialized equipment needed.

If you know someone with a handicap who would love to play video games, contact Ablegamers

Click here to donate. Thank You!

A Bannon Scoop

This just in….Bannon said if the Republicans lose the house, Trump will be impeached. Watch the video from the Bill Maher Show.

Brush And Floss Before Breakfast


I just finished a writing assignment for Waterpik that I wanted you to know about. It will help you with the color of your teeth. You should be brushing and flossing before breakfast.

Waterpik says it’s very important to remove the bacteria that has built up overnight, and to provide fluoride to the teeth before they are introduced to coffee or orange juice. Fluoride helps make enamel stronger and protects it from acidic food and drink. Brushing before breakfast helps eliminate stains.

The Mayo Clinic adds, “If you’ve consumed anything acidic, you should avoid brushing your teeth for at least 30 minutes. Foods containing citric acid, like oranges, grapefruits and lemons, weaken tooth enamel. Brushing too soon after eating them can damage the enamel in its weakened state.”

So that’s my tip for today.

Did You Know?

That was Alyssa Milano who was shooting daggers at Brett Kavanaugh throughout his hearing

With his internet cut off, Julian Assange steps down as editor of WikiLeaks

A new medication that’s changing the way we treat a condition that affects 38 million Americans just got approved

AI camera can spot guns and alert law enforcement

Tango Your Worries Away

I must have been a tango dancer in some other life because when I see it being performed, I feel very special. The dancers seem like they are under the spell of some magic potion. Their concentration level is so focused that you wonder if they are really alive and can converse.

We were so lucky tonight because we caught a group of tango dancers on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. The music was blasting and a crowd was watching eight couples perform some of the most magnificent moves you have ever seen.

We found out that tango events take place all over Miami every night. All you have to do is Google “tango” to find a performance near you. Lincoln Road is the chosen spot on the last Wednesday of every month. Free tango classes from 6 to 7pm and then the professionals take over.

I encourage you to find tango events in your city. They have them inside and out, depending on the weather. You become so mesmerized by the dancers, you never think of checking your email, or Facebook. Other than video taping and taking photos, cell phones are put away. This is such a great off-the-screen activity, especially for seniors who want “calm” in their lives.

We recently had an Israeli client who was a tango dancer. He and his wife have been taking lessons for 10 years. He told me they are still learning and it was better than sex. There must be something to it because last January, when I met up with him in Las Vegas, at CES, he was going out every night to tango. I asked him if his wife knew what he was doing? He then turned on his phone to show me photos of his wife in the arms of another man. She was out doing the tango in Tel Aviv every night too. I guess they are to be admired. Our choice of activity is watching Netflix.

To Walk, Or Not To Walk. That Is The Question

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and ears, last night. Lester Holt announced on NBC Nightly News, that a new medical device, implanted on the spine of a paralyzed person, could wake up dead nerves. That means that many people, who have been paralyzed for many years, could possibly walk again.

This is absolutely incredible news. I really want to find out more about this invention because I have a young friend, who has been in a wheelchair, for more than 20 years. He was perfectly fine until he had a benign cyst removed from his spine.

The operation was a success, but a nurse didn’t properly drain his incision during the early post-op period. The lack of proper care damaged the nerves in his spine, and he could no longer feel his legs. He has been in a wheel chair ever since. That didn’t stop him from becoming a major motivational speaker, and a comedy performer in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He also married a gorgeous female athlete and fathered two children.

I am not even sure that my friend would even want to be cured. He is well known for his positive life in a wheelchair and for the sports he plays. He once explained to me that he established a career, a public and family life and many extra curricular activities that are centered around being handicapped. He doesn’t know if he would ever want to change that.


Amazon and Microsoft Team Up For A New Type Of Skype

I guess you already heard the news. Alexa is invading our homes.

First we had a speaker that responded to our commands for music, news, audio books, and all kinds of information. Now, it was just announced that new versions of Alexa will be connected to microwave ovens, wall clocks and other household appliances.

Hold on. I just found out that we will also be able to use Alexa to talk to folks over Skype.

Microsoft and Amazon have agreed to incorporate Skype into Alexa. That’s means you will be able to access Skype on Amazon’s Echo. Can you imagine sitting in a chair and just simply requesting a call? What’s even more amazing is that Amazon’s Echo will feature a video calling system. That is incredible.

Alexa is changing our lives.

Read about it in Verge.

More Of Moore

After you see this movie, you won’t leave home without your passport. You may have to leave fast.

To those who think it can’t happen again, make sure you see this movie. We are well on our way.

Sheila Elias, a Miami treasure, exhibits all over the world. Her digital images are celebrated by Apple and we are so lucky to be able to see it all.

A Dozen Movie Mistakes

Yes, a website called Topix Stars, (devoted to fun stuff about the people making the movies, TV shows, and music you love), recently featured a slide show highlighting major movie errors. It makes you wonder about what to believe in the future. I guess we will be relying on Google a lot more for checking the facts.

It All Started With An E-mail

The minute I received the above email from The Jewish Museum of Florida, ( a few blocks from our condo), I knew that Eliot and I would have to be one of the first to see the new cutting-edge exhibit that combines street art, high-end fashion and digital technology. We were there for the set-up. This exhibit is going to attract audiences that have never stepped into Miami Beach’s first Jewish congregation. It’s going to make headlines everywhere.

The featured artist is Daniel Chimowitz, an internationally renowned painter and fashion designer. He works very closely with Patricia Field, an American costume designer and stylist. She is best known for her work on the ever popular, Sex In The City, TV series.

Chimowitz literally creates walking canvases. All of his fabrics incorporate high energy, street art. One of his newest designs is a reflective fabric that lights up when you photograph it with a flash. It’s startling and exciting.

The exhibit was the brainchild of Jacqueline Goldstein, the Jewish Museum’s curator. Listen to her explanation of what you will see.

Chimowitz has shown his designs in Paris, London, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Miami. He is a breath of fresh air. His interview below not only talks about his inspirations, but gives you insight into the life of an artist.