Our Friend, Larry Luckinbill, Writes To President Trump

Laurence George Luckinbill is an American actor, playwright and director. He has worked in television, film, and theatre.

Dear Mr. President:

Folks talk about the president being in a bubble–that every president loses a sense of reality because of the enormity of the task, and so you are surrounded by aides and politicians who believe their job is to shield their boss from undue pressures. The boss can’t afford to make mistakes because he (or she) is the paramount leader, and the final protector of the principle of government, “Of the people, by the people and for the people.”

So I am wondering if you know any of the people. I am wondering how it came to be that you don’t seem to feel anything that normal people feel. Perhaps your father or mother beat you? Maybe not with an electric cord, but with words and demands which may have shamed you so deeply and driven you so far back into your small Ego chamber or your dark Id cave that you have never been able to find your way to escape into the light that ordinary people see. You must have tried often, and failed every time. I wonder if that’s why you can now only envision yourself as a monster like Grendel, Godzilla, Nosferatu, Josef Stalin, a rapist or a drug-dealer pushing the untested drug for the new virus that you have invested in which you push in your television ad show for yourself. Could this be true? That you can only see yourself as one of the “bad people” that you now project outward onto us, the real people.

I am sorry for you. I sympathize. Your life is awful. Very sad. You are a little boy playing at being a big villain. But it doesn’t seem to help you feel better. You are the most unhappy man I’ve ever seen.

I’m curious–did you have the natural feelings of empathy that the rest of us have, beaten out of you, so now you must inflict punishment on everyone else–especially those you can dominate in your mind–the ones who have little recourse against your fury? Do you realize that you are a bully? Do you know that bullies are basically cowards who dominate those who will allow it? We people out here see a huge number of your victims–the entire Republican Party has fallen beneath your heel–and you seem to really like that. It is very sad.

Do you ever dream? Do your dreams consist of a desire to have everyone on earth bow down to you–to kneel and kiss your hand like the old mob bosses and the tyrants of old? Have you ever felt anything but the raging urge to hurt and dominate? Your poor son Baron looks so deeply sad and disassociated when you bring him out in one of your shows. Your wife seems to be either beaten down to her round heels or to be planning a great revenge on you. Is this possible?

I write sincerely to ask these questions because I feel for you. I have empathy and I know its value to humanity. A person with empathy for others sees how deeply miserable you are–even as you try endlessly to divert yourself by dominating others. You cannot win this sad battle against your own “Better Nature,” as Abraham Lincoln described the force for good that will re-unite this country after you are gone. I hope the people don’t arise and hang you upside down like Mussolini–he too, believed himself to be invincible. All tyrants end the same way–in misery. That is your destiny, Mr. President.

The people see all that you are doing to destroy the country that belongs to us. There are so many, many, many things you and your captive minions have done and are doing to change the people into your servants, slaves, even. The people can only tolerate the theft of their freedom for so long–but finally, as in our original Revolution, they will gather en masse to remove you and every one of your party from any position of power ever again.

This is the Easter season, The Passover season. Both celebrate escape from tyranny–from death itself. We, the people. are marking time from this date till the peaceful New American Revolution says a final goodbye to you. It will be such a grand relief to get rid of you. I write in sorrow that you have not learned humanity–you haven’t learned Faith, Hope or Charity–which is Love. I know that if you had ever had any, you would know what those words mean. Perhaps after you see how happy America will be without you, you will understand. I hope so. No one should have to live in your dark lonely soul ever again.

With love,

Laurence Luckinbill.

Don’t Vote Without Seeing This Video

Many of my family and friends are talking about the PBS Frontline program that aired two nights ago. It was all about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. According to PBS,  “it explored where they came from, how they lead and why they want one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.”

I watched the complete show. I urge you to watch it as well. It answers a lot of questions and gives you a better understanding of the two candidates. Thank you YouTube.

My Name In Lights

#tbt The year was 1979. BSR turntables did a promo on the Times Square scroll. Their ad agency arranged the whole thing. The creator, Bil Keane, is standing next to me. I wonder where he is now? Thank you Bil!


Presidential Candidates Tweets 

Since many DigiDame readers are not on Twitter, I thought it would be interesting to post the tweets of the two leading Presidential candidates. I tried to do an equal number from each, but Trump tweeted more often in a 24-hour period. 

It’s interesting to see how Twitter has become the official platform for comments. In many cases, Twitter has replaced press conferences, media alerts, and the distribution of official statements. 

It’s just too simple to tweet. 





The World We Live In 

My long time friend, Dick Krain, who was a big time executive at Grey Advertising for 30 plus years, sent me this video today because we always share interesting information. I just finished watching it. It is so exciting that we are living in a time when things occur at Internet speed. 

Many of us think the possibility of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States is absolutely ridiculous. One mystery: how does he produce productive, level-headed children? 

 Meet The Next Larry Page and Sergey Brin  
I met these two teenagers, ages 16 and 14, at CE Week today, a mini CES convention. They were among a handful of students who won awards for their digital inventions. When I asked them who they were, they answered “innovators.” Remember these two Dwight High School students. They have a technology that will allow you to attach a gizmo to your glasses and read everything people are mumbling. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for someone like me who misses a lot of words in loud restaurants. Bravo to these two unusual youngsters. 


Twitter Folks Respond To Donald Trump’s Obama Announcement

I did not edit the responses. Just copied and pasted the first to tweet. This blog post gives you a good idea of how Twitter works and how the tweets get posted.

The Onion‏@TheOnion
“I’m a sad, pathetic human being and a complete waste of life.” – Donald Trump http://onion.com/TUnbpl

rob delaney‏@robdelaney
Ann Coulter, Richard Mourdock & Donald Trump = appetizers. Mitt Romney = main course.

Lizz Winstead‏@lizzwinstead
BREAKING: Donald Trump replaces bed bugs as Americas #1 Pest

Scabby Crutchfield‏@curlycomedy
Ann Coulter and Donald Trump sitting in a tree, H-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Not Brian Scalabrine‏@BScalabrine24
BREAKING: Donald Trump demands to know what medical school Dr. Dre went to

Ann Coultergeist‏@OhNoSheTwitnt
Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are all trending so I can only assume Voldemort is next.

aaron blitzstein‏@BlitznBeans
This Donald Trump character is Andy Kaufman’s greatest bit ever.

Peyton’s Head‏@PeytonsHead
Mitt Romney just announced he’ll donate $50MIL to charity if Donald Trump will just shut the f••k up.

Kid Fury‏@KidFury
I demand that Mitt Romney announce the species of demon he is and that Donald Trump admit that his wig is a hovercraft.

Andy Borowitz‏@BorowitzReport
Attention parents: if you give your children even the tiniest bit of attention now, maybe they won’t grow up to be Donald Trump.

Drunk Ass Rick ‏@Rickonia
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands to know what medical school Dr Dre went to

Drunk Ass Rick ‏@Rickonia
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands Latifah tells what country she’s the queen of

New York Magazine‏@NYMag
Our expectations about @realDonaldTrump’s Obama announcement were clearly not low enough. http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2012/10/donald-trump-obama-college-five-million.html?mid=twitter_nymag

Nancy Lee Grahn‏@NancyLeeGrahn
Donald Trump is the Honey Boo Boo of rich people #trump

JD Crowe‏@CroweJam
The Humane Society will give Donald Trump $5 if he releases that thing on his head back into the woods.

Ed Schultz‏@edshow
NOT BREAKING: Donald Trump releases edited video of himself shouting nonsense at a camera

Zack Beauchamp‏@zackbeauchamp
Amused that Donald Trump is essentially doing a “philantrophic” version of the Joker’s moral experiments in The Dark Knight.
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Jon Lovett‏@jonlovett
“It is not the policy of the United States government to negotiate with Donald Trump.”

At noon I will announce that Donald Trump is my real father.

Andy Borowitz‏@BorowitzReport
I think it’s very thoughtless of Donald Trump to schedule an appearance when so many of us will be eating.

Steven Amiri‏@StevenAmiri
Donald Trump’s big announcement is that his real name is Tronald Dump.

Josh Hara‏@yoyoha
BREAKING: Donald Trump to announce how easily a rich idiot can get everyone’s attention at 12 EST.

Charlamagne Tha God‏@cthagod
Patiently waiting for Donald Trump’s announcement at noon regarding our President so I can prepare my Donkey of the Day for tomorrow.

Dr. Jill Biden‏@JillBidenVeep
I think Donald Trump’s announcement is going to be that he once killed a man with only his hair.

Josh Hopkins‏@thedayhascome
Donald Trump plans to announce that his hair has become sentient and is controlling the thinky and movey parts of his body.

Roseanne Barr‏@TheRealRoseanne
donald trump is rumored to have been born on Planet X.

The Dowager Countess‏@theLadyGrantham
Donald Trump’s revelation will be that his hair was born in Kenya.

the gangster of oz‏@holllyyx
Donald Trump is the Kim Kardashian of politics. God forbid it’s not all about him.

The Daily Edge‏@TheDailyEdge
SOURCES: Donald Trump to reveal Wednesday that Barack Obama has fathered two black children with a Chicago-born woman named “Michelle”

Roger Simon‏@politicoroger
I don’t want to be too judgmental, but Donald Trump couldn’t be dumber if you cut his head off.