Happy Birthday Robert Pascal 

Murano residents of South Beach know how to have fun. A group of us got together last night  to celebrate Robert Pascal’s birthday. Robert owns the famous and beloved La Piaggia Beach Club, a big hangout for those who like to party. We are so lucky to have this establishment on our condo premises. 

John and Xavier belly dancing. 

The birthday boy


Party hearty.


Celebrating their recent purchase..


Getting down


Xavier and Ana


Setting the stage


Getting the full treatnent.


Belly dancers everywhere.


Andres jumps from one party to the next.


Best pals


Getting ready for couscous.


Dick and Xavier are good buddies.


Jane and Bas spreading love. Richard shares the spotlight. .


Benoit keeps the party going.


Steve and his bro brought the ammunition.


Ready for the action.


Marcia and Richie are forever party animals


Ruth and Ana go wild.


Good friends just want to have fun.


The group


Jamie and Ana


Ana and me


Happy to party.


We were swinging.


R & R enjoying the night.


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