Reinvent Yourself


We get to a certain age and we start to wonder how many years do we have left to fulfill our dreams? Since I started DigiDame, I have noticed that many seniors are getting cranky because time is running out.

Don’t let another day go by without trying to get involved with something new. You will feel so much better if you try to make new things happen. One of the stumbling blocks for many of us to move forward is in the area of communications. We just are not the best writers/presenters. We don’t know how to get our ideas, creativity, and thoughts down on paper.

You are not alone. Even the best writers need editors. I am here to help you. I am involved in an editorial service that will make your copy/presentations grammatically correct and better written than ever.

They will take your copy and turn it into an interesting, lively, to-the-point, convincing document. Their handiwork can make a huge difference be it a letter, power point presentation, business proposal, website copy, case study, blog, article, email, social media post — you name it.

I will make sure it is a reasonable rate for you. Don’t let writing skills hold you back. I know how paralyzingly that can be. Let me help you. I will knock on your door too when I need your assistance. Don’t be shy. We don’t have a minute to spare.



YouTube Grows Up


YouTube wants to make lots of money. First sign of maturity. Google is tired of financing it. My sources tell me that the financials are still being worked out but YouTube wants paid subscriptions for individual channels.

YouTube wants content providers to offer channels that subscribers would have to pay anywhere between $1 and $5 a month. Of course, this would only hold true for content companies that have already demonstrated the ability to build and maintain a large presence on the video site (aka multichannel networks like Fullscreen, Machinima, and Maker Studios).

YouTube is also considering charging for content libraries and live events.
Revenue will be shared between all parties.

This is still only in discussions. Sounds like a great opportunity for video producers to make some money.

American Idol Now Has An App


At the end of my workday I just want to blitz. If I am not going out. I go home, get undressed, put on a muu muu, and stretch out on the couch. Don’t bother me, don’t ask me to make decisions, just let me go into a semi-conscious state.

Most of the time I like to watch TV. If I fall asleep, all the better. I have my list of TV shows that I enjoy. My DVR allows me, to be me, and not miss a thing. I used to love watching American Idol but no more. It just took up so much of my time.

I thought I was rid of AI till I learned about a new its new app for iOS and Android. The free app allows you to access show content, past highlights, contestant performances and behind-the-scenes footage. We will now be able to follow real-time conversations and interact with other fans on Facebook and Twitter. We will also be able to vote for our favorite contestants via the AT&T American Idol voting platform on the app.

Don’t let me get started again. I need to focus on the Kardashians. What a life!

Dear Loyal Readers


We’ve come a long way together .

I want to start by thanking you for reading DigiDame. To date, I have written 312 blog posts, one post per day, seven days a week. It’s been hard work. But now, glutton for punishment that I am, I want to publish more than once a day.

The reason is that I really need to start focusing on building my daily uniques (daily visitor statistics). So I may (may is the operative word) start posting interesting stories several times a day to share all the interesting bits I come across in the course of my work.

Why am I telling you this? First, I believe the inner workings of the digital community will continue to be of interest to you. Secondly, I’d like to ask you the favor of clicking through to the DigiDame website,, instead of just reading posts in your email notification. This will increase my uniques, and my prospects for establishing DigiDame as an influential blog.

I am told that the more I post, and the more keywords I tag, the more additional eyeballs I will get. And hopefully, the better up-to-date you will be! We will learn more as I increase the posts.

Usually, I post before 11:59 pm every night so that WordPress can send out DigiDame to my subscribers in the wee hours of the morning. The additional posts may arrive at any time of the day, so keep an eye out.

Please remember to visit each day. Links and videos will work better, the posts look better there, and, best of all for me, my numbers will go up!

Thanks in advance for supporting me and DigiDame.

Would you like to go back?

Interesting Facts you can learn from YouTube

I am going to let the videos speak for themselves with a little comment from me.

Have you ever questioned the intelligence of the Chinese?

SphereTones is a visual instrument in Google Play.

HP certified trainer shows us how easy it is to wrap a scooter with the new HP Air Release Cast Vinyl Wrap film, printed with HP Latex technology.

Surfing a 100-foot wave in Portugal is his idea of fun.

The most dangerous places on Earth.

Let Your Fingers Do The Translating

The Translator Pen

The Translator Pen

Another view

Another view

Every time Eliot and I visit Miami we ask each other why we haven’t spent the time to learn Spanish. Our Spanish friends know how to speak English so what is wrong with us?  We also want to learn Italian and French. Now that we are in our 60s we are more eager to learn than ever. When we discussed this with our friends Howard and Rene the other day, they suggested apps on the iPhone and Android that actually translate words and sentences for you in both text and audio. We love that but when you are reading a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language, it takes too long to type in or verbally say a sentence and then get the translation.

Today I heard about The Ivy Guide. Still in prototype form, this device fits over pens and pencils, scans words and projects the translation directly onto the page while you are reading. Now, that is a wow factor. The concept is still being worked on but I think we are getting closer to mass production because more and more tech news sites are writing about it. Details about The Ivy Guide are very limited. All the media knows so far is that the scanner tip adjusts to any writing tool. While pressing the translating button, readers can underline text. The translated words are then projected on the page. See the picture above to get a visual impression of what I am talking about. The USB is for data storage that can be transferred to your laptop while it is being re-charged.

I will let you know the minute I hear the release date of the product. No one has any info about how many languages and the price. One thing is for sure, many of us will not leave home without it.


Vine With Me

Twitter has announced a new mobile video sharing service, called Vine that allows users to share six second video clips. While it’s a Twitter mechanism, you can share the videos on Twitter, Facebook or email. You don’t have to post the video on YouTube to share.

Vine is free in the App Store.

It’s the fastest video posting and sharing I have ever experienced. Twitter is all about micro-blogging. They gave you 140 characters to text a message, and now they are giving you six seconds to share video.

I realized a while ago that Twitter is based on the same premise as news reporting. Journalists are trained to get the who, what, where, why, how, and when in the first sentence of their story. Well, at least that was true before the Internet took over.

Both text and videos on Twitter have the same premise. If you can’t say it in 140 characters, or a six-second video, then you are wasting my time or you just can’t get to the point.

Click here to see a video of my Miami condo. Only six seconds.

You Never Heard of These Jobs 10 Years Ago


One of the most important topics in politics today is the job market. While politicians talk about the number of jobs being created, very few mention the new positions that have been born primarily because of the Internet. Content is king and all of the following positions were developed because people want to share information.

I first read about this in a Forbes article but I decided to give you my own interpretations.

App developer

Ten years ago you never heard of an app. Today, more than a million apps have been developed and sold on Apples App Store and Android’s Google. Everyone in the tech business knows that the demand for app developers is going to keep growing, especially good ones.

Market Research Data Miner

This is the person who now makes sense out of all the Internet information that is being cultivated about the customer’s experience. Years ago there was no way to access this information. Today data miners look behavioral patterns to help retailers and businesses predict future trends..

Millennial Generational Expert

The generational expert does exactly what the title says. Companies hire experts to tell them the changes that are taking place in the workforce and how to keep valuable employees. They also assist in grooming the best members of the staff into strong executives.

Social Media Manager

We all know that social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, others) have become the communications vehicles for both small and humongous companies. Someone has to manage the information that is imparted to the targeted audience. This person not only needs to know what to say but precisely when to say it. Timing is everything.

Chief Listening Officer

This is a position many of you have probably never heard of before but has come increasingly important. The CLO has to monitor all of the remarks that are being made about their company on social media (Facebook, Twitter, message boards, blogs, and YouTube) and then report that information to the proper heads of departments. Most of the time immediate action must be taken in order to keep a brand prestigious and respectable.

User Experience Designer

A user experience designer makes tech type products easier to use. They make products and services friendlier so your experiences are more satisfying and rewarding. Companies higher UX designers (stands for user experience) because they want to make sure that their products are being utilized to the highest degree.

Will you still add me, will you still tag me, when I’m 64?


As we get older, the hours of our lives become more precious. I just finished reading an article in The Atlantic that questioned whether I want to spend the last 25 years of my life reading and posting items on Facebook.

The headline for this post came directly from the article. I loved those words when I read them. I hum the words now as if the Beatles wrote them.

The Atlantic article was entitled “At What Age Will You Stop Using Facebook?” In my opinion, the piece was really a metaphor for how we want to spend the last 20 or 30 years of our lives. By now, we have learned that we don’t want to spend a minute doing anything we don’t like or be in the company of people we can’t stand.

For some seniors, Facebook represents a validation of who they are. They show family and friends all the wonderful things they are doing and feel a sense of comfort that others recognize their importance. The other group likes to peek in the lives of others but will never share a thing about themselves.

I personally didn’t need to read the article to realize that some of the things that I used to love to do hold no interest for me now. I am surprised that my tastes have changed so much. I can no longer tolerate situations that never bothered me five or 10 years ago.

The question for me is not whether I will give up Facebook but rather will I still continue to follow the friends I have today. I already know the answer to that because a few months ago I started deleting people who rant, use Facebook as a platform to talk ill of others, and constantly post their religious and extreme political beliefs.

It felt so good to delete those people right out of my life. It is not so easy to do that offline. Little by little, they may even be getting rid of me. That’s okay. I don’t want to spend time on Facebook looking back. At this stage, I find that so uninteresting. I would rather delve into the world of the unknown and take my chances.