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Looking Back at the First Roaring Twenties—-Will The Stock Market React The Same Way?


Top Collectors Don’t Like to Discuss Their Families’ Nazi Ties. Now, Artists Are Forcing Them to Confront the Past | Artnet News

Top Collectors Don’t Like to Discuss Their Families’ Nazi Ties. Now, Artists Are Forcing Them to Confront the Past


History In The Making


Ted “Snooze” Cruz shows his true intellect while President Joe Biden addresses joint session of Congress


A new virus: Nile virus strain

No need to read if not born before 1950. This is a warning as some of the conclusions may be alarming to sensitive readers, however it is unlikely you will remember for long.

The NILE Virus (Type C) I thought you would want to know about this virus. It appears to target those who were born prior to 1950. The lockdown seems to be increasing the chances of being affected! Virus Symptoms1 Causes you to send the same E-Mail twice.2 Causes you to send a blank E-Mail.3 Causes you to send an E-Mail to the wrong person.4 Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.5 Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.6 Causes you to hit SEND before you’ve finished.7 Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND.8 Causes you to hit SEND when you should DELETE. This virus is called the C-NILE virus! A lot of us have already been inflicted with this disease and unfortunately as we age it gets worse. And if you can’t admit to doing any of the above, you’ve obviously caught the other strain — the D-NILE virus


Self Respect

′′Let go the people who are not prepared to love you. This is the hardest thing you will have to do in your life and it will also be the most important thing. Stop having hard conversations with people who don’t want change.

Stop showing up for people who have no interest in your presence. I know your instinct is to do everything to earn the appreciation of those around you, but it’s a boost that steals your time, energy, mental and physical health.

When you begin to fight for a life with joy, interest and commitment, not everyone will be ready to follow you in this place. This doesn’t mean you need to change what you are, it means you should let go of the people who aren’t ready to accompany you.
If you are excluded, insulted, forgotten or ignored by the people you give your time to, you don’t do yourself a favor by continuing to offer your energy and your life. The truth is that you are not for everyone and not everyone is for you.

That’s what makes it so special when you meet people who reciprocate love. You will know how precious you are.

The more time you spend trying to make yourself loved by someone who is unable to, the more time you waste depriving yourself of the possibility of this connection to someone else

There are billions of people on this planet and many of them will meet with you at your level of interest and commitment.

The more you stay involved with people who use you as a pillow, a background option or a therapist for emotional healing, the longer you stay away from the community you want.

Maybe if you stop showing up, you won’t be wanted. Maybe if you stop trying, the relationship will end. Maybe if you stop texting your phone will stay dark for weeks. That doesn’t mean you ruined the relationship, it means the only thing holding it back was the energy that only you gave to keep it. This is not love, it’s attachment. It’s wanting to give a chance to those who don’t deserve it. You deserve so much, there are people who should not be in your life.

The most valuable thing you have in your life is your time and energy, and both are limited. When you give your time and energy, it will define your existence

When you realize this, you begin to understand why you are so anxious when you spend time with people, in activities, places or situations that don’t suit you and shouldn’t be around you, your energy is stolen.

You will begin to realize that the most important thing you can do for yourself and for everyone around you is to protect your energy more fiercely than anything else. Make your life a safe haven, in which only ′′compatible′′ people are allowed.

You are not responsible for saving anyone. You are not responsible for convincing them to improve. It’s not your work to exist for people and give your life to them! If you feel bad, if you feel compelled, you will be the root of all your problems, fearing that they will not return the favours you have granted. It’s your only obligation to realize that you are the love of your destiny and accept the love you deserve.

Decide that you deserve true friendship, commitment, true and complete love with healthy and prosperous people. Then wait and see how much everything begins to change. Don’t waste time with people who are not worth it. Change will give you the love, the esteem, happiness and the protection you deserve.-

Anthony Hopkins

A $500 Million Mega Mansion

Here’s a video tour

I just read a story on a friend’s tech website, called Gear Diary, about the largest home on the planet, 105,000 sq. ft. Of course, it’s located in Bel Air, California. You have to see this house. Click above to read Julie Lipsett’s story. Posted April 23, 2021

The mega mansion features 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, enormous indoor and outdoor kitchens, multiple living and dining areas, a glass-encased wine cellar, a vintage Playboy cover paneled cigar room, a 50-car garage, 7 water features and swimming pools combined, a four-lane bowling alley, an outdoor jogging track, an enormous state-of-the-art home theater, a huge sky deck complete with putting green, artworks created just for the house sprinkled throughout, a candy room, a hair salon, dry sauna, wet sauna, gym, art galleries, a tennis court, a 3-bedroom guest house with pool, staff rooms with views, plus so much more.

Here’s the link again.


Jewish Humor



You may remember the old Jewish Catskill Comics of Vaudeville days:

Shecky Greene, Red Buttons,
Totie Fields, Joey Bishop,
Milton Berle, Jan Murray,
Danny Kaye, Henny Youngman,
Buddy Hackett, Sid Caesar,
Groucho Marx, Jackie Mason,
Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce,
George Burns, Allan Sherman,
Jerry Lewis, Carl Reiner,
Shelley Berman, Gene Wilder,
George Jessel, Alan King,
Mel Brooks, Phil Silvers,
Jack Carter, Rodney Dangerfield,
Don Rickles, Jack Benny
Mansel Rubenstein
and so many others.

There was not one single swear word in their comedy.

Here are a few examples:

* I just got back from a pleasure trip.
I took my mother-in-law to the airport.

* I’ve been in love with the same woman for 49 years!
If my wife ever finds out, she’ll kill me!

* What are three words a woman never wants to hear when she’s making love?
“Honey, I’m home!”

* Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it.
The thief spends less than my wife did.

* We always hold hands.
If I let go, she shops.

* My wife and I went back to the hotel where we spent our wedding night.
Only this time I stayed in the bathroom and cried.

* My wife and I went to a hotel where we got a waterbed.
My wife called it the Dead Sea.

* She was at the beauty shop for two hours.
That was only for the estimate.

She got a mudpack and looked great for two days.
Then the mud fell off.

* The Doctor gave a man six months to live.
The man couldn’t pay his bill, so the doctor gave him another six months.

* The Doctor called Mrs. Cohen saying, “Mrs. Cohen, your check came back.”
Mrs. Cohen answered, “So did my arthritis!”

* Doctor: “You’ll live to be 60!”
Patient: “I am 60!”
Doctor: “See! What did I tell you?”

* Patient: “I have a ringing in my ears.”
Doctor: “Don’t answer it!”

* A drunk was in front of a judge.
The judge says, “You’ve been brought here for drinking.”
The drunk says “Okay, let’s get started.”

* Why do Jewish divorces cost so much?
They’re worth it.

* The Harvard School of Medicine did a study of why Jewish women like
Chinese food so much.
The study revealed that this is due to the fact that Won Ton spelled
backward is Not Now.

*There is a big controversy on the Jewish view of when life begins.
In Jewish tradition, the fetus is not considered viable until it
graduates from medical school.

Q: Why don’t Jewish mothers drink?
A: Alcohol interferes with their suffering.

Q: Why do Jewish mothers make great parole officers?
A: They never let anyone finish a sentence!

A man called his mother in Florida, “Mom, how are you?”
“Not too good,” said the mother. “I’ve been very weak.”
The son said, “Why are you so weak?”
She said, “Because I haven’t eaten in 38 days.”
The son said, “That’s terrible. Why haven’t you eaten in 38 days?”
The mother answered, “Because I didn’t want my mouth to be filled with
food if you should call.”

A Jewish boy comes home from school and tells his mother he has a part
in the play.
She asks, “What part is it?”
The boy says, “I play the part of the Jewish husband.”
The mother scowls and says, “Go back and tell the teacher you want a
speaking part.”

Q: How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: (Sigh) “Don’t bother. I’ll sit in the dark. I don’t want to be a nuisance to anybody.”

Did you hear about the bum who walked up to a Jewish mother on the
street and said, “Lady, I haven’t eaten in three days.”
“Force yourself,” she replied.

Q: What’s the difference between a Rottweiler and a Jewish mother?
A: Eventually, the Rottweiler lets go.

Q: Why are Jewish men circumcised?
A: Because Jewish women don’t like anything that isn’t 20% off.

A-a-h! Memories of the good ole days!

Everything You Wanted To Know About Art But Were Afraid To Ask

My good friend Ray, is the founder and editor-in-chief of the much applauded art publication for FIU. He is very well known in the art world so he was the perfect person to video interview Kathryn Mikesell of The Fountainhead Residency. Kathryn is going to explain how she got involved in art and why you should too. You don’t have to know much about art to love it, and make it a part of your life. Watch the videos. This will help you instantly become a meaningful member of the art community.

Here is a direct link to the INSPICIO video interview with KATHRYN MIKESELL, co-founder of Fountainhead Residency and Fountainhead Studios.

You can also link to the interview from the INSPICIO website home page:

INSPICIO (founded in 2015) is an arts publication platform sponsored by The College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) at Florida International University (FIU). INSPICIO provides high-quality, in-depth insights into all arts disciplines, with a focus on Miami and South Florida.

The heart and soul of INSPICIO is its 200+ video interviews with prominent people in the arts — Pulitzer Prize Recipients; U.S. Poet Laureates; Academy, Grammy, Tony, Emmy Award winners and more.

INSPICIO is available as a website (; as an e-Magazine for iPads and iPhones — go to the APP Store and search for “inspicio;” and on DigitalCommons, a global archival network (

You can also register for a complimentary subscription to INSPICIO at

Happy 50th Birthday Kathryn Mikesell

One of the leading forces in the world of art celebrated her 50th birthday Wednesday night with 50 of her closest friends. Kathryn Mikesell and her husband Dan, co-founders of Fountainhead Residency, put this party together in less than 24 hours. I didn’t get to photograph everyone because people who love art like to talk, and I did my fair share of it. One quote that will stick with me for a long time came from one of the most well known and respected gallerists in Miami, Mindy Solomon. “Serious collectors are buying art in Miami. We are becoming a major force.”