The Future Of Footwear 


Images by ShiftWear

It was just a matter of time that some digital genius would come up with a way to change the designs on your shoes with a “flip of a switch.” Or maybe, in this case, I should really say “a click of an app.”

Many folks in the digital media business are watching an Indiegogo campaign from a company called ShiftWear. The company promises that it can change the design on shoes with a flexible e-paper display. The first target is athletic footwear.

ShiftWear invented a wireless charging technology that allows your smartphone to change designs on your shoes.  Watch the video above for a demonstration. Engadget, a tech site,  recently wrote a story about ShiftWear.

The display is waterproof so you can wash your sneakers, even in a washing machine. Friends in the press tell me this is just the start of big changes in the footwear business. 

I can see it now. A few years from now, Christian Louboutin will be featuring a ShiftWear app that will let you change your heels from red to any other color you want. Wow.

The Best Up And Down In NYC


Images: The New York Times

I have lived in New York City for 40 years. I’m very proud of that because I am a survivor. I did what I had to do to remain in the city because I loved New York so much. I watched other folks come and go but I managed to work, be married and raise a child in Manhattan.  

I feel very territorial about the Big Apple because I have been involved in so many areas of the city: business, politics, religion, entertainment, sports, education, food, recreation, fashion, real estate, media, tech, events, culture, healthcare and charity work. 

I have my memories. There are also parts of Manhattan that are like old friends. One very special place is the wooden escalator in Macy’s Herald Square. It has been in existence for 95 years. Macy’s just announced that the wooden escalators would remain intact even though the retailer just completed a $400 million, four-year renovation of its 34th Street location.  

I guess you can call it another Miracle on on 34th Street. The New York Times just did a story on the wooden escalators since they experienced a reprieve. They have a very personal meaning to me. I used to take the wooden escalators hundreds of times in my early career when I was assigned to write stories about Macy’s electronics department on the fifth floor. I went up and down on the escalators so many times, that I used to tap dance on them like I was Gene Kelly. 

If you have never seen them, I urge you to go. It’s like going back in time. No internet, no email, no cell phone, and no Facebook. It’s just a beautiful piece of art that keeps moving.


Non Digital Creativity 

After a hectic week of work assignments and racing around with family and friends in Los Angeles, my cousin Hanna and I just wanted an evening of old fashion arts and crafts. Hanna is the only one who is willing to sit with me for hours acting as my art coach. I was completely relaxed and didn’t think of checking my iPhone.

Years past we made string bracelets, tile frames and collage masks decorated with magazine and newspapers clippings. Tonight, I graduated to acrylic paintings. Hanna outlined an abstract drawing and I filled it in. After tonight, I really think I am ready to free draw on my own. I am excited to experiment. Let’s see. Stay tuned. 

painting by Lois


painting by Hanna


Happy Thanksgiving


Started out the day with a loving reminder from my brother

My Tribute To My Father On Facebook. 


A huge thank you to Beth, Jeff, Hanna, Whitney, and Fredrick who started at 8am and worked all day cooking and baking. It was an outstanding Thanksgiving. We all benefited from having relatives who were willing to share their talents. Thank you, thank you. It was really special

Turkey by Fredrick and Beth


Cousins Larry, Whitney, Darren, and Fredrick


Hanna and Beth


Cousins Lois, Jeff, and Debbie


Cousins Veronica and Michael


Cousins Easton and Jacoby


Frayne and Lois


Hanna, Beth, Eliot, and Sandor


David Pogue’s Tips And Shortcuts To Improve Your Life 

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

I couldn’t wait to read David Pogue’s New book called “Pogue’s Basics: Life: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying Your Day.” 

Pogue is the Yahoo Tech founder and a “Sunday Morning” correspondent for CBS. Watch the video above for a  great introduction to the book. 

The following is direct from Pogue’s book.





Smart Fitting Rooms 


Image: Oak Labs

Trying on clothes will never be the same.

There is a new smart mirror debuting in fitting rooms everywhere that is going to act like your personal assistant. The first retailer to introduce the smart mirror is Ralph Lauren’s Polo flagship store in New York City. These smart mirrors were created by a startup called Oak Labs. 

You will see more of these mirrors at other retailers as time marches on. The beauty of a smart mirror is that it recognizes the clothing you want to try on because it incorporates RFID, radio-frequency identification tags. As if it was magic, each piece is displayed on a large touchscreen. 

Then the fun begins. You can request different sizes and colors of each item you are interested in just by touching the mirror. A Polo associate does all the legwork. You just stand there. When you are done, you can simply check out right on the mirror. How convenient is that? 

Oak Labs is located in New York and can’t wait to read your user experience comments. For everyone else in the rest of the country., the smart mirror is going to pop up when you least expect it. Enjoy your privacy as long as it last. Smart mirrors are going to make fitting rooms interactive and you will never be alone again.

Mr. G.I. Joe and Me 

Visiting Stan Weston in his magnificent  Santa Monica condo overlooking the Pacific Ocean.   

I have been searching for Stan Weston, the creator of G.I. Joe, for years. He was our client at HWH PR starting around 1989. He had a licensing company called Leisure Concepts at 1414 Avenue of the Americas. In fact, he was one of the reasons we also moved into that office building and stayed 21 years.  Stan meant a lot to me. He was one of those clients who inspired us to do great work. He remained our cheerleader for a number of years before he decided to make Cap Ferrat in the South of France his new home.  

Eliot and I were lucky to visit him twice while we were on a tour. It was always fun to see Stan in his new environment.Then we lost touch. This summer we visited other friends in the Cap Ferrat area and decided to reconnect with Stan. We were stunned to learn that he was no longer there. 

When I got back home I started to hunt for him. I didn’t really get far, when Leslie Mark Alter, a long time friend, spotted a story about Stan in the New York Daily News. The article covered the fact that Stan never received the proper financial rewards and attribution for the G.I. Joe idea. Hasbro Brothers (then The Hassenfeld Company) bought the idea from Stan for  $100,000 and went on to make billions. 

Stan wants to re-examine the case. I want to help him. I am working on a  high profile campaign right now. This is going to be fun.

The view of the Pacific Ocean from Stan’s apartment.

Uptown Funk Synchronized With The Golden Age Of Cinema   

Hello from Los Angeles. My cousin Beth, from Sherman Oaks, introduced me to a dance video that I will be watching for years. I wanted to share it with you.

It was created by Michael Binder, a movie aficionado, who claims he has watched every single movie ever made. He recently decided to take the song,”Uptown Funk,” and synchronize it to movies from the days of Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. 

It’s wonderful. His final product turned out to be a keepsake video that shows some of the greatest dancers and singers from movies 1953 and earlier perform their moves to “Uptown Funk.” 

You just have to watch legends like Gene Kelly, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Fred Astaire move and grove to contemporary music. Priceless!!!! 

Cousin Beth Young with daughter Hanna and me,


Eliot, Hanna and me.