The Future Of Footwear 


Images by ShiftWear

It was just a matter of time that some digital genius would come up with a way to change the designs on your shoes with a “flip of a switch.” Or maybe, in this case, I should really say “a click of an app.”

Many folks in the digital media business are watching an Indiegogo campaign from a company called ShiftWear. The company promises that it can change the design on shoes with a flexible e-paper display. The first target is athletic footwear.

ShiftWear invented a wireless charging technology that allows your smartphone to change designs on your shoes.  Watch the video above for a demonstration. Engadget, a tech site,  recently wrote a story about ShiftWear.

The display is waterproof so you can wash your sneakers, even in a washing machine. Friends in the press tell me this is just the start of big changes in the footwear business. 

I can see it now. A few years from now, Christian Louboutin will be featuring a ShiftWear app that will let you change your heels from red to any other color you want. Wow.

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