Happy Thanksgiving


Started out the day with a loving reminder from my brother

My Tribute To My Father On Facebook. 


A huge thank you to Beth, Jeff, Hanna, Whitney, and Fredrick who started at 8am and worked all day cooking and baking. It was an outstanding Thanksgiving. We all benefited from having relatives who were willing to share their talents. Thank you, thank you. It was really special

Turkey by Fredrick and Beth


Cousins Larry, Whitney, Darren, and Fredrick


Hanna and Beth


Cousins Lois, Jeff, and Debbie


Cousins Veronica and Michael


Cousins Easton and Jacoby


Frayne and Lois


Hanna, Beth, Eliot, and Sandor


Modern Day Thanksgiving


Need I say more? This is what the world has come to. The reality is that most people today are just not comfortable separating themselves from their smartphones. They want to stay in constant touch with everyone important to them. Can’t say I disagree.

This year Eliot and I spent Thanksgiving with my west coast family. Cousins Beth, Jeff, and Hanna Young hosted the most magnificent combo Chanukah and Thanksgiving lunch and dinner today including latkes and turkey. We can’t thank them enough. The entire family showed up. It was just a very happy and satisfying day.

Thanks to smartphones, our daughter and friends were in touch with us all day via text, email, cell, and Skype. So while it may not be polite to take calls at the dinner table, we were able to check our messages during breaks. It just made separation from love ones during the holidays a little easier.

Peace to all! Thank you Beth, Jeff, and Hanna.