iPad App Sends Out Printed Greeting Cards




I used to love sending greeting cards. I would look forward to going to the stationery store once a month to buy the next batch. I was always so proud of myself that I never forgot someone’s special occasion.

Then one day I went to visit a friend and spotted the card I sent him in the waste paper basket. It wasn’t even 24 hours after his birthday. I never said a word but the trips to the stationery store was never the same. I was spending 50 bucks or more a month to let loved ones know we cared and it didn’t have the impact I thought it would.

I realized my expectations were out of whack and the $50 could be spent better somewhere else. I thought I got over my desire to send out paper cards until I learned about a new app from the New York Times that would handle everything for me at better pricing,

All I have to do is download an app called Felt. It lets me send a handwritten, sealed, stamped and mailed card from my iPad. I write the message and the address. Then I pay $3.99 a card, or $2.99 each for a pack of 10. The recipient gets a paper card like the good old days.

There are other apps that do similar things, so if you know of any let us know. I may want do the monthly thing just one more time.

The Perfect Keyboard Solution

Every time I go on a trip, I ask myself the same question. Should I take my laptop or can I get away with my iPad? I usually end up taking my laptop (along with my iPad and iPhone) because I may have a lot of typing to do. I’m not talking a few paragraphs, I mean multiple pages.

Of course you can type on an iPad, many do. All I am saying is that it feels awkward and it slows you down. It’s also very difficult to type with two hands so you use one of your pointers for everything.

Wait until you learn more about the TouchFire keyboard. It fits right over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard and is completely transparent. You need to watch the video to see this marvel in action. I just bought the TouchFire from Amazon for $39.99. It is being delivered Monday. I just had to share my new find with you.

Early Adopters


The digital market has a brand new audience and many grandparents are pretty upset about it. Infants are expected be the next big target for iPads. Fisher-Price has just introduced the “Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad®.” It will retail for $80.

Please don’t throw a hissy fit. No one is suggesting that you give a baby an iPad instead of quality time with the family. All this product is supposed to be is a sensible alternative to a TV set where you don’t necessarily control the content.

You can’t negate the fact that children today are growing up in a digital world. A Fisher-Price spokeswoman told me an iPad should be no different than a toy. Everything in moderation.

I Want My Drafts Whenever, Wherever

Let me be the first to tell you the problem with certain applications. Unless you use them a lot you wouldn’t know this.

Your work in “draft form” does not transfer from app to app. For example, I was writing this post on the WordPress app on my iPad.

The iPad’s battery was running low so I switched to WordPress on my iPhone.

I couldn’t finish the post I was working on because it was saved in draft form on my iPad. Drafts only reside where you create them. If I had posted it, I would be able to view it from any of my devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even my laptop.

This is going to be true for any app that allows you to create. A draft is a draft and it stays on the unit you are working on.

If you understand technology you would understand why this all makes sense. I am not a true techie. All I can say is that I want my drafts to transfer this way so I can work in stages from any device.

A girl can only dream.


Help Me To Help You

I am reaching out to the DigiDame audience because I know that some of you have access to information I need that will help all of us when we might be incapacitated. I want to turn the iPad into a resource that will help us with mental and motor skills.

I am starting this project for my client Senior Nannies, an elder care company in South Florida along with Project Tiki, a company that creates and finances mobile and web applications.

We are looking for programs that will help rehabilitate, challenge, stimulate, and encourage the elderly when they are in the care of others. Instead of wasting time watching TV or staring into space,
we want to create applications that will provide hours of hope and joy.

The iPad is the ultimate tool to accomplish this.

Claudia Wechter, Founder of Senior Nannies, along with her associate Gary Loffredo, want to pioneer the possibility of having their caregivers offer mental and physical iPad programs to their clients. “The majority of our caregivers can easily be trained to operate the programs,” said Wechter. “It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. There are just too many idle hours where nothing happens. If we had iPad programs that could offer a new, positive atmosphere for those who feel hopeless than we could turn dark days into lives worth living.”

John Hobson, a founding partner in Project Tiki, said that another reason why this project is so important is because “every eight minutes someone else is turning 65 on the planet Earth. I refer to it as a ‘Senior Tsunami.’ It has already been proven that seniors are the biggest audiences for iPads. They seem to operate them better than any other age group. We are witnessing the birth of a whole new revolution in digital technology.”

You can be a part of this exciting development. If you know of anyone who can contribute ideas, programs, content, finances and other resources, please contact us. This could turn this into the most rewarding and productive time for all of us.




Mr. iPad

You never know who you are going to meet when you sign up for a Smartours trip. Even though I am traveling throughout Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro with my husband and friends, I was still a little concerned about the 25 others joining us.

When I first met Jan Gronski on this trip, he reminded me of a deep sea fisherman with his stocking cap and a flannel looking shirt. Boy was I wrong. He turned out to be a retired executive from Cisco who was in charge of product development in China for many years. Yes he lived there and has a stunning Chinese wife who is on this trip as well.

Jan carries an iPad with him everywhere. I have never seen anything like it. While others use digital cameras or iPhones to shoot photos on the trip, Jan uses his iPad. He said he is able to frame the picture better and capture all of the details. Jan admits that an iPad is heavy and cumbersome for walking tours, but the quality of pictures just can’t be beat. He doesn’t understand how everyone else can shoot photos through little view finders. After you see Jan’s photos you begin to think the iPad is the way to go.

Jan also uses his iPad to read Kindle books on the bus rides from city to city, and in the hotel lobbies late in the evening. He is upset with Apple and Amazon, owner of Kindle, because you can’t buy ebooks through the app. You must always purchase via the web.

The iPad is very important to Jan because of an iOS application called NCIKU that allows him to access a Chinese dictionary. He checks on Chinese characters that help him express what he is trying to say. When I see him using the program it looks like he is drawing stick figures but he is actually practicing the alphabet.

Jan posts most if his photos on Facebook. He lives down the street from the HQ in Palo Alto, CA and his daughter works there as well. She is one of many responsible for more people to respond to Facebook advertisements posted on member pages. Jan admitted he is involved in some secret Facebook assignment with another friend who works for the company. I can’t say anything further.

He doesn’t know that I devoted an entire post to him so let’s see if he ever finds out.