Help Me To Help You

I am reaching out to the DigiDame audience because I know that some of you have access to information I need that will help all of us when we might be incapacitated. I want to turn the iPad into a resource that will help us with mental and motor skills.

I am starting this project for my client Senior Nannies, an elder care company in South Florida along with Project Tiki, a company that creates and finances mobile and web applications.

We are looking for programs that will help rehabilitate, challenge, stimulate, and encourage the elderly when they are in the care of others. Instead of wasting time watching TV or staring into space,
we want to create applications that will provide hours of hope and joy.

The iPad is the ultimate tool to accomplish this.

Claudia Wechter, Founder of Senior Nannies, along with her associate Gary Loffredo, want to pioneer the possibility of having their caregivers offer mental and physical iPad programs to their clients. “The majority of our caregivers can easily be trained to operate the programs,” said Wechter. “It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. There are just too many idle hours where nothing happens. If we had iPad programs that could offer a new, positive atmosphere for those who feel hopeless than we could turn dark days into lives worth living.”

John Hobson, a founding partner in Project Tiki, said that another reason why this project is so important is because “every eight minutes someone else is turning 65 on the planet Earth. I refer to it as a ‘Senior Tsunami.’ It has already been proven that seniors are the biggest audiences for iPads. They seem to operate them better than any other age group. We are witnessing the birth of a whole new revolution in digital technology.”

You can be a part of this exciting development. If you know of anyone who can contribute ideas, programs, content, finances and other resources, please contact us. This could turn this into the most rewarding and productive time for all of us.