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Lucie and hubby Larry Luckinbill are smiling from Palm Springs where they live. The play Lucie is referring to below is still one of best ever. Eliot and I were the first to see it because our PR agency helped to secure props for the show. We didn’t know the Luckinbill’s then but we certainly do now. They are the best.

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Lucie with Robert Klein on stage


BFF at the new Via Emilia Garden at 3500 N Miami Ave was an absolute delight. Best food at affordable pricing. Outside terrace with overhang makes it just perfect. Same owners as the one on the beach. Steve Greenberg Robert Armada Ruth Steinik Greenberg Howard Greenberg and Eliot. Photos by SG.


Our good friends, Ron Abel and Lissa Levin Guntzelman, wrote a show together, (words and music), “Twist of Fate” that was previewed in NYC last week. The crowd roared for these two uber talented folks. We are so proud of them.


Can You Guess The Secret Gadget ???

We are debuting the 30th episode. If you can use this product let me know. It’s quite unique. Watch the video below.


Some of the stories I recently read ….

Searching for Shelley Duvall: The Reclusive Icon on Fleeing Hollywood and the Scars of Making ‘The Shining’
After leaving L.A., and making only one public appearance since, on a widely condemned mental illness episode of ‘Dr. Phil,’ the complicated actress sat down for a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter about her legacy and the trauma of the Stanley Kubrick film.

Read in The Hollywood Reporter:


Vornado looks to dump Trump

Bloomingdale’s to debut small store concept | Chain Store Age


Claudia Conway Is Going From TikTok to American Idol | Vanity Fair


The Ugly Secrets Behind the Costco Chicken

A Unique Gift Idea

The Home Shopping Network Features the Kodak’s 360 Degree Camera for the holidays. Steve Greenberg of the Today Show and Game Show, “What The Heck Is That!?,” was picked to showcase this innovative product.


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For some reason I will remember this film forever. A good life lesson. Sophia Loren Makes Her Return to Film: ‘I’m a Perfectionist


I love the way some folks think Giuliani was an actor in “Borat.” We got to see the real him. Trump picks Giuliani to keep him in the White House. I wouldn’t let him water my plants.

Meet Maria Bakalova, the Breakout Star of the ‘Borat’ Sequel


Find The Panda

Our New Video Podcast

On Camera With Lois Whitman-Hess and Steve Greenberg. David Nieves is our sidekick. Here is a video version of our podcast “Lyingonthebeach.” This is just an experiment. We don’t feel the need to always have a guest. We are bantering back and forth. Enjoy. We are funny.

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Doctors Orders

If you haven’t visited a hospital lately, please be advised, that you should wear a sweater, or even a snowsuit, when you enter the medical facility. It’s freezing in the waiting, patient, recovery and operating rooms.

Hospitals everywhere have lowered the temperatures of their interiors to prevent the spread of germs/viruses. Researchers have discovered in recent years, colder rooms provide more protection. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that patients who are wearing light weight gowns are suffering. They are so cold that they are shivering. Nurses offer as many blankets as they need, but anything less then four or five covers on top of a patient doesn’t seem to warm them up.

The good news is a company named 3M. I’m sure you have heard of them. They now make a portable heater that blows hot air under the patient’s gown. It’s name is the 3M Bair Hugger Heating System. You have to watch the video to understand how it works.

Progressive hospitals everywhere are using these new heat blowers for patients. TV personality Steve Greenberg, just had hand surgery today, at New York Presbyterian, and he said the new heating system was a great comfort. He is even considering buying a unit for cold winter nights in his New York apartment. You can laugh all you want. I bet you will be buying one too in the next year or two.

Lying on the Beach Podcast Interviews Robin Raskin

There should be a statue of Robin Raskin in front of the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas with an inscription that says “She turned this arena into a global stage for the introduction of some of the most innovative products in the world.”

As founder of the company “Living In Digital Times,” Robin solicited early stage companies to exhibit their remarkable inventions in this section of CES. She grouped them in sensible product categories for their debut: Digital Health, Digital Money, Fitness Tech, Baby Tech, Family Tech, Transforming EDU, MommyTech TV, Beauty Tech, and Wearables.

Each area had their own summit plus events. These companies also take part in other events during the week of CES including a FashionWare runway show, Mobile Apps Showdown, Last Gadget Standing, Robots on the Runway and the KAPi Awards.

In this episode of “Lying on the Beach” with TV personality Steve Greenberg and PR expert Lois Whitman-Hess, Robin explains how she manages to be at the forefront of technology all the time.

Become A Video Maker

This is absolutely incredible. I am so excited. A few weeks ago BFF/techie Steve Greenberg presented Eliot and I with a video he created of our trip to Egypt.

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Steve is so busy traveling because of business, when did he have time to produce this amazing keepsake?

I asked him. “It’s my dirty little secret,” Steve answered. Then he confessed, “Producing the Egypt video took me 15 minutes. All I had to do was download the app and then follow three steps of instructions.”

He picked out about 50 photos from his camera roll and then uploaded them into the app. He paid $9.95. A few days later, he received a DVD featuring the video of the photos. It was set to music. The editors at were able to put all the photos in a meaningful order because everything is time- stamped on your iPhone.

It was a fabulous keepsake. I videotaped the DVD presentation on my iPhone, and then uploaded it to YouTube so I can show others. You are among the first.

Please watch the above video. You will get hooked on the concept immediately.

Off The Screen Games

Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider, is currently appearing on TV shows around the country demonstrating educational toys for children. What is so great about these toys is that they make your children use their imagination and don’t require time on smartphones. These toys teach “STEAM.” Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

I’m ready to buy some of these toys for children I know. I would love them to play with products that allow them to go into a zone filled with fantasy and happy thoughts.

I hope you watch these TV segments to see that, in the world of digital appliances, there are plenty of creative alternatives to offer children.

Minneapolis FOX – The Jason Show

Chicago WCIU – The Jam

Houston CBS

Paranoia “Likes” Syndrome

Steve and Lois

We thought it wouldn’t happen. We felt we were successful and confidant enough to handle the competition. We promised ourselves we would never get caught up in the social media groupie lifestyle.

We did. Steve Greenberg is a monthly Today Show contributor, and TV personality on 20-plus morning news shows around the country. I am, (Lois Whitman-Hess) the co-owner of HWH PR, and author of DigiDame.

The two of us often commiserate that we don’t get enough “likes” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to show the rest of the world that we matter. We are both proud of our accomplishments, but not with the number of likes we get. We know we are not alone. Millions of people feel the same way.

We decided to explore this topic on Lying on the Beach, our podcast. After listening, please share your thoughts with us. We are looking for a rationalization as to why we are so addicted to social media.

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Sweat No More 

The minute I saw my pal Steve Greenberg demonstrate the “FlashFan” on the Today Show this week,  I knew that I had to tell you about it.

Many of my girlfriends are still “hot,” both in appeal and body temperature. For those of you who sweat at the sight of hot sauce, get yourself this fan. It attaches to your smartphone. Keep the vinyl blade in your handbag and always be ready for the hot beach, the subway, and the summer months. 

I videotaped Steve’s explanation for you so please watch it. You might never get over-heated again.