Become A Video Maker

This is absolutely incredible. I am so excited. A few weeks ago BFF/techie Steve Greenberg presented Eliot and I with a video he created of our trip to Egypt.

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Steve is so busy traveling because of business, when did he have time to produce this amazing keepsake?

I asked him. “It’s my dirty little secret,” Steve answered. Then he confessed, “Producing the Egypt video took me 15 minutes. All I had to do was download the app and then follow three steps of instructions.”

He picked out about 50 photos from his camera roll and then uploaded them into the app. He paid $9.95. A few days later, he received a DVD featuring the video of the photos. It was set to music. The editors at were able to put all the photos in a meaningful order because everything is time- stamped on your iPhone.

It was a fabulous keepsake. I videotaped the DVD presentation on my iPhone, and then uploaded it to YouTube so I can show others. You are among the first.

Please watch the above video. You will get hooked on the concept immediately.

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