Studio Visits With Some Of Our Favorite Artists

As some of you know, I’m on the board of the Fountainhead Residency. The non-profit provides three artists, from all over the world, with a Miami remote studio, so they can create art away from their homes for a month. They also attend Miami art openings and talks, visit museums and galleries, and receive vital feedback from art professionals through one-on-one studio visits and public open houses.

Artists live communally in a 1950’s Miami Modern home flooded with natural light and the energy that comes with it. The home is located in the heart of Miami’s cultural community of museums, galleries, private collections, alternative spaces and performing arts venues.

Fountainhead Residency

The following artists are among our favorite. Here are their home studios.

Wynnie Minerva


Sheila Elias


Alex Nuñez


Omar Barquet


Debi Mitchell


Matthew Morrocco


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