Periscope Claims 10 Million Plus Users 

I wrote about Periscope last March when it was first introduced. Click here to see that story. Today, Periscope announced they surpassed 10 million users. That’s just four months in operation. Pretty amazing. I think that many of you would love it if you gave it a try. I will do a Periscope video and hopefully show it to you in the next Digidame post.

What makes a Periscope video so special is you are live as you record. You become the broadcaster. People who like your subject matter in addition to one’s family and friends, get to watch you in real time. All you do is download the app for iOS or Android and you are ready to go.

If you are currently on any of the social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then you will enjoy Periscope. It’s the same social interaction that you enjoy when you follow people and they follow you, only live.

Just as a reminder, Periscope was purchased by Twitter for approximately $100 million last March. Today the founders, Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, said they’re seeing over 40 years’ worth of video watched per day. I can’t even fathom that kind of time in 24 hours. Mind boggling. 

Condolences to Joe Biden

Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and Donald Trump are the top notables that did not extend condolences to Vice President Joe Biden on Twitter. Beau Biden, the VP’s oldest son, died over the weekend, from cancer. I researched all of their tweets, and found no mention of Biden.  You may not know this, but Twitter is the platform where all major announcements are made. Everyone mentioned on this post has an active Twitter account. 

1-Brit Hume (@brithume)

5/30/15, 9:58 PM

Regardless of politics, we should all be Joe Biden supporters tonight. We are not meant to bury our children. Beau Biden, dead at 46. Cancer

2-Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)

5/30/15, 11:03 PM

My heart is broken for the family of Beau Biden—a wonderful man who served his country with devotion and lived his life with courage. -H

3-Bill Clinton (@billclinton)

5/31/15, 12:36 AM

Hillary & I mourn the loss of Beau Biden – so full of life, love, honor, and service – and we pray for the strength of his wonderful family.

4-Barack Obama (@BarackObama)

5/31/15, 1:01 PM

“For all that Beau Biden achieved in his life … nothing claimed a fuller focus of his love and devotion than his family.” —President Obama

5- Jeb Bush (@JebBush)
5/30/15, 9:57 PM

Saddened by the news of Beau Biden’s passing. My prayers are with The Vice President, Dr. Biden and the whole family

6- George E. Pataki (@GovernorPataki)
5/31/15, 10:00 AM

Libby and I extend our thoughts and prayers to the @VP Biden family on the loss of Beau. No parent should have to bury their

7-Ted Cruz (@tedcruz)
5/31/15, 10:27 AM

Heidi and I extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to all those who knew and loved Beau…

8-Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry)

5/31/15, 10:37 AM

.@AnitaPerryTX joins me in praying for the Biden family after the loss of Beau

9-Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee)

5/31/15, 7:50 AM

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Biden family. May God comfort them in this moment of tremendous  

10-Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders)

5/31/15, 11:13 AM

Jane and I send our condolences to the Bidens during this difficult time. -B

Interesting Tweets

I have worked on the links below for 45 minutes. Some of them work. Some of them you will have to Google.

Guess who might play Steve Wozniak in upcoming Jobs film?

International CES (@intlCES)
The worlds thinnest smartphone is about the size of a pencil.

Looking for AARP member discounts on the go? Download the AARP Member Advantages Offer Finder mobile app.

WebMD (@WebMD)
Scientists Set Sights on 1st Whole-Eye Transplant!
#glaucoma #MacularDegeneration

Queen Latifah CANCELS Bill Cosby interview after rape allegations resurface

Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump)
I’m admitting to a total girl crush on @Alyssa_Milano. She’s hilarious! And incidentally, one of the first people I followed on Twitter.

New York Magazine (@NYMag)
Carnegie Hall will start livestreaming concerts next week:

Business Insider (@businessinsider)
Mega-yachts are great — but how about an even bigger giga-yacht?

launchticker (@launchticker)
.@Skype updates its iPhone app w/ chat avatars

HuffPost Media (@HuffPostMedia)
Jon Stewart confirms that NBC approached him to host ‘Meet The Press,

Variety (@Variety)
In another major shake-up, ABC News takes over #TheView as ratings dwindle.

A Whole New Dimension in Music


The music industry is about to go through a major transformation and we will be witnessing it in the next year or two. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who is so amazed by these changes. I guarantee you that if John, George, Elvis and Michael ever came back, they would be shocked to learn that Billboard has added a whole new feature for charts that has nothing to do with the sales of songs.

Starting in May, Billboard, the world renowned music trade publication, will be ranking songs being discussed and shared the most on Twitter. The real-time charts will be published on as well as through the publication’s Twitter feed.

Having been a Billboard reader for decades, this change is mind-boggling because the entire music industry lived and died on the weekly sales charts. In order to rank on the top of the list, you had to achieve more sales that week than any other artist.

Now the whole complexion is changing when Billboard starts showing which artists and songs are being discussed the most. Sales will still be reported too but chatter is going to have a major influence on popularity.

This is going to be an interesting journey in music because Twitter, like all social media, can be manipulated by users who have millions of followers. One good tweet can have a huge impact on trending and future Twitter conversations. Read more about it in The New York Times.

From where I stand, this is going be a very interesting new twist in the music business. I will report any new findings


Ellen DeGeneres Made Twitter History At Oscars


Ellen DeGeneres made twitter history tonight at the Oscars. She actually scored a new record high for the most re-tweeted tweet.

This title was formerly held by President Obama’s “Four More Years” message on the night of his re-election.

Ellen grabbed a bunch of the big name actors in the front few rows of the Oscars for the “best selfie ever,” and tweeted the pic — which now has over 2 million re-tweets.

The photo was taken by Bradley Cooper and included Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and a few others.

Bravo to Ellen who made the Oscars a happening event.

I’m No Expert, But . . .


I can see my brother cringing now — I am giving financial advice. I can’t help myself. I just read that Twitter raised its IPO price range to $23-25. That means the the social network stock is in high demand. I can’t just look away. I had to discuss this opportunity with you. The books on the initial offering may have closed today, and the shares start trading this Thursday. But you can still buy at a relatively low price when it starts trading, and it should rise fast.

No one knows how well this stock will do, but investors are betting that a company that lost $133.9 million in the first nine months of 2013 is worth $13.6 billion. Most folks in the digital community feel Twitter has a young, large, and influential user base that has positively impacted the world so far and will continue to do so in ways that haven’t even been explored as yet. The potential is huge. Twitter is considered the social media darling.

In my non-expert opinion, the stock could possibly be another Apple. People made fortunes on Apple. However, those that couldn’t stand the stock’s volatility pulled out their money before it reached its peak. If you are not a risk taker and freak easily, don’t buy. This is a long term investment.

To be listed on The New York Stock Exchange, the ticker symbol will be TWTR. Good luck!!!!

A New Twist on Twitter


Twitter’s filing for an IPO last week has sent the real estate market in San Francisco soaring. San Francisco was already one of the most expensive cities in the country. Now it’s going to be untouchable. Twitter is located right in the heart of the city. All of a sudden, many of the 2,000 people who work for Twitter will have plenty of money to plunk down on fancy digs.

A real estate agent friend in SF told me that smart brokers have been romancing the upper echelon of Twitter to rep them in their pursuit of new, upgraded homes. More Twitter employees then would like to admit have been looking for residential real estate for the last six months. The better properties are going to go fast.

Mention the name Twitter to anyone in the Bay Area — the digital community, investors, writers, TV producers, celebrities, comedians, politicians, and Twitter users — and you’ll get a big smile. Twitter has changed our lives. It has been a public platform for everyone who wants to make a statement or vent and is one of the most important resources for up-to-date news and opinion.

Now word has it that everyone who is involved with Twitter’s IPO is very concerned that the content posted on Twitter stay relevant and personality driven. It has to remain a main attraction in the news arena in order for it to constantly be appealing to the investment community.

Twitter reportedly had an average of 218.3 million active users a month in the second quarter of this year, up 44 percent from the same quarter last year.

The New York Times recently reported that Twitter expects its growth rate of users to slow down in the United States as the service approaches market saturation. Twitter is hoping to get its future growth from markets like Argentina, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.