Find Your Way Into Art

I just watched the above creative art video on Facebook, thanks to Wendy Unger, an executive with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. It  reminded me of an art class I once took. We were all required to insert a photo of ourselves in one of the Masters. The photo had to look like we were really there.

We all had to figure out creative ways to make it look real. The whole point of the exercise was to get us to really examine the composition of the paintings. It worked. Many of the students said they learned a whole new appreciation of art. It was fun. 

This is not exactly what I was talking about, but I had these photos handy so I included them. They were taken at my great nephew Ari’s six year old birthday party last week. He wanted a Mount Rushmore theme, so we all got a chance to become part of this famous landmark. 


The Real Estate Mystery Is Solved     

Eliot and I love watching Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and Los Angeles. We enjoy examing all of the real estate properties and their price tags.

However, we are always debating each other on whether these guys are true real estate agents, or are they only actors. The truth is that they are both. After constantly questioning other agents in the business about their authenticity, and attending an open house, hosted by Ryan Servant of Nest Seekers International (and star of MDL NY), it’s pretty obvious they find the time to have two careers.

I know it’s difficult to imagine doing both, but they do. I am also told that each of these agents are top sales achievers and are passionate about the properties they represent. Yes, the story lines are exaggerated for the sake of TV, but they are all based on true experiences.

This topic seems rather silly considering we just nominated the first woman ever to become President of the United States. I decided to include my recent Facebook and Twitter posts regarding this topic on the bottom of this blog post. My blog, my opinions. 

Ryan Serhant, right, at his Open House at United Nations Plaza, apt on the 77th floor. Al Kahn, of CraneKahn , a children’s licensing company, to my left.

The views were outstanding.

That’s the 59th St. bridge.

Yes, I’m afraid of heights.

The following are the party pictures from the $6 million plus apt.

My social media tweets while I was watching Hillary speak.

1-Eliot just told me to get back to work. Every time I feel I’m getting up there, he reminds me that my hero Hillary is my age and has the energy of 10 twenty year olds. She makes me want to do what I love, helping others.

2-A man you can bait with a tweet, is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.

3-Yes, I am the party of working people.

4-You alone can’t fix anything Mr. Trump. I want to live in a world of diversity where we all love each other. I’m not interested in a wall. I’m interested in knowing my neighbors and enjoying them.

5-I am so lucky to be alive to actually see a woman become President of the United States. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.
Don’t boo, vote. 

Move Over Tim Gunn

Selling real estate through videos, social media, emails and Facebook, offers every  potential buyer the opportunity to get up close, and personal with property listings. I watched Howard Margolis, of Douglas Elliman, provide details of his new listing on East 51st, Street, (one of the most gorgeous townhouses in NYC) as if he were Tim Gunn on Project Runway. He tells everyone what works and why. 

Click here to see the $14,000,000 offering. All you will need to bring along is your gold tooth brush.

For a few minutes, we were a part of the one percent.

Eliot loves a good party

The legendary Howard Margolis and Douglas Elliman owner Howard Lorber

Happiness Is Expensive

You can see the sign from down the block.

The front.

The back.

Purple Rain.

Everyone wants to see the great outdoors.

The entertainment

The forever winding staircase.

Don’t cry for me East 51st. Street.

We have something just like this.

Six floors of staircases.

The great room

Pokemon Go

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is doing it. There is no way I’m not going to tell you a little about Pokemon Go so you can impress the young ones in your life with what you know.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game on your smartphone that requires you to walk around your neighborhood to catch Pokemons in the real world combined with augmented reality. 

Wikipedia explains augmented reality (AR) as “a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.”

If you watch the video above, you can see how augmented reality works. 

Pokemon Go uses your smartphone’s GPS and clock to help you detect where and when the Pokemons are located. The idea is to walk around your neighborhood (the real world) to catch the Pokemon in the game. Remember, while you are strolling around your real world is interacting  with augmented reality. It’s really quite remarkable.

The game is free and is available on Android and iOS. The Pokemon game takes place in a world filled with monsters,rats, snakes, dragons, dinosaurs, birds, eggs, trees, and swords. Gamers love that. The goal of the game is to capture the creatures.

Pokemon Go makes money on selling objects that help you capture the creatures and other upgrades. 

I tried to simplify the explanation as much as possible. For more details, read Vox. Click here


These Need A New Home

Some of these art pieces have been in our family for 40 years. We just don’t have enough walls anymore since our NYC co-op is in contract to be sold. 

We really don’t want to place these treasures in storage lockers. They are meant to be seen, so we are trying to find new homes for as many paintings, posters, and drawings as possible.

I already posted these on the Internet to see if anyone was interested. Here are my Facebook entries .We immediately received some solid interest. Now I am presenting the offerings to you too.  I have to say this is a fun assignment. 

The following are motivational and inspirational drawings. They are perfect for any office or start-up company. The artist is Hugh MacLeod, creator of Gapingvoid. He has a huge social media following, so the art work should go fast.

Nevertheless, everything must go! Thank you.


This Is The Way To Travel 

No more excuses for not traveling. I found the perfect solution for the following complaints by seniors:

1-I’m too old

2-I can’t walk

3-Too much rushing around.

Would you travel if you could ride on top of your luggage?  That means you can sit on your luggage and it takes you from location to location. You have to see this for yourself on Indiegogo, the crowdsourcing site. 

Called Modobag, the luggage can go as fast as eight mph and reach about six miles before it has to be recharged. 

Modobag will be available early next year for approximately $995. That may seem like a lot of money, but just remember the convenienve you will be getting.

A special note from tech and lifestyle site Mashable. 

“While all of this seems too good to be true, the bag does have some drawbacks. Despite seeming compact (meeting TSA standards) it weights 19 pounds on its own. This may be no sweat for some airlines, but it is something to consider when packing your belongings.”

Isaac Mizrahi 

I find it absolutely incredible that we can now access museum programs at home. I used to be so upset when I missed a particular exhibit or lecture. 

Yes, there is nothing like seeing the museum program live, but there are plenty of positives about viewing the entire presentation online. 

Take the case of Isaac Mizrahi. An entire  exhibit at the Jewish Museum, NYC, is dedicated to his genius. The show is on till August 7th. I no longer have to worry about 

getting there on time. I can see it from the comfort of my couch. Click here for a remarkable portrait of one of America’s most influential designers.  You can also watch a video of Mizrahi talking about his career.

Thank you digital world for making this all possible.