Using Twitter to Predict Presidential Popularity

My brilliant tech friend from Washington DC, Gary Arlen, shared this story with me from the Tech Policy Institute. I thought you would find it very interesting.

Is it possible to gauge American’s sentiment towards President Trump through the number of “likes” of his tweets?

Washington, DC – Can the number of “likes” of President Trump’s tweets offer any insight into his overall approval rating?

TPI’s President and Senior Fellow Scott Wallsten recently analyzed this topic in detail. The results show a distinct and meaningful correlation between the number of “likes” of President Trump’s tweets and his poll numbers.

Dr. Wallsten’s research and its implications mean that determining the number of “likes” might serve as an accurate, real-time snapshot of how Americans feel about President Trump.

According to the research, “every thousand “likes” correlates to about 0.02 percent decrease in his disapproval ratings and 0.015 percent increase in his approval ratings. These are meaningful magnitudes given that 87,000 likes per tweet on average.” A full copy of the report can be found here:


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