Move Over Tim Gunn

Selling real estate through videos, social media, emails and Facebook, offers every  potential buyer the opportunity to get up close, and personal with property listings. I watched Howard Margolis, of Douglas Elliman, provide details of his new listing on East 51st, Street, (one of the most gorgeous townhouses in NYC) as if he were Tim Gunn on Project Runway. He tells everyone what works and why. 

Click here to see the $14,000,000 offering. All you will need to bring along is your gold tooth brush.

For a few minutes, we were a part of the one percent.

Eliot loves a good party

The legendary Howard Margolis and Douglas Elliman owner Howard Lorber

Happiness Is Expensive

You can see the sign from down the block.

The front.

The back.

Purple Rain.

Everyone wants to see the great outdoors.

The entertainment

The forever winding staircase.

Don’t cry for me East 51st. Street.

We have something just like this.

Six floors of staircases.

The great room

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