Let Your Motobag Do The Walking

Modobag is the world’s first carry-on suitcase you can ride. No more running to the gate. Now you can get there in a much more efficient manner. This is great news for seniors who feel travel just requires too much exertion.

Modobag will be at CES in Las Vegas this January demonstrating its motorized, rideable capabilities. Modobag claims it will get you to your destination up to three times faster than walking.

The Modobag features dual USB charging ports, an LED display, and charger. It is powered by a patented, titanium Nanosafe™ battery system that complies to FAA, TSA and IATA.

To find out more about the Modobag go to:


YouTube: https://youtu.be/HazWCa3huMY

FACEBOOK https://m.facebook.com/modobag

TWITTER https://mobile.twitter.com/modobag

INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/modobag/

Now get ready for the price. It’s quite expensive, but just remember the advantages.


This Is The Way To Travel 

No more excuses for not traveling. I found the perfect solution for the following complaints by seniors:

1-I’m too old

2-I can’t walk

3-Too much rushing around.

Would you travel if you could ride on top of your luggage?  That means you can sit on your luggage and it takes you from location to location. You have to see this for yourself on Indiegogo, the crowdsourcing site. 

Called Modobag, the luggage can go as fast as eight mph and reach about six miles before it has to be recharged. 

Modobag will be available early next year for approximately $995. That may seem like a lot of money, but just remember the convenienve you will be getting.

A special note from tech and lifestyle site Mashable. 

“While all of this seems too good to be true, the bag does have some drawbacks. Despite seeming compact (meeting TSA standards) it weights 19 pounds on its own. This may be no sweat for some airlines, but it is something to consider when packing your belongings.”