The Price Of Success

One of the best things on Netflix. Our adrenaline is still rushing sky high from the excitement and energy of this documentary. If you love music, be prepared to flap your wings.

Am I the only woman who feels that NBC Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning was completely unprofessional when interviewing two detectives on air for several hours? This 47 year old, mother of six (yes, six), is absolutely gorgeous and fit. She has icy blue eyes that is a huge draw on TV. Yes, I am envious but I am also very annoyed that any woman would wear a dress that short revealing parts of her that scream “sex.” Did she keep her legs crossed the entire time? Who was able to concentrate on the murder? She makes Sharon Stone look like a Nun. If we want men to respect us, we can’t entice this way.

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2 thoughts on “The Price Of Success

  1. I’m going to leave your second subject alone.

    We watched the David Foster documentary and thought that it was great. We have seen him in person twice and he is amazingly talented. He may be taken with himself but you can’t argue with his incredible success. He clearly is the finest record producer of all time. The list of his Grammy nominations at the end of the film speaks for itself.

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