The Perfect Keyboard Solution

Every time I go on a trip, I ask myself the same question. Should I take my laptop or can I get away with my iPad? I usually end up taking my laptop (along with my iPad and iPhone) because I may have a lot of typing to do. I’m not talking a few paragraphs, I mean multiple pages.

Of course you can type on an iPad, many do. All I am saying is that it feels awkward and it slows you down. It’s also very difficult to type with two hands so you use one of your pointers for everything.

Wait until you learn more about the TouchFire keyboard. It fits right over the iPad’s on-screen keyboard and is completely transparent. You need to watch the video to see this marvel in action. I just bought the TouchFire from Amazon for $39.99. It is being delivered Monday. I just had to share my new find with you.

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