GoPro + Art = Digital Art

One of the reasons GoPro is such a success is the content that is being created by users. GoPro is the video camera that snaps on to your helmet or that you wear on a harness around your chest. The whole purpose is to record everything you see and experience. The founder, Nick Woodman, now 38 and a billionaire, instinctively knew that people all over the world would want a record of their adventures.

Millions of people are using GoPros to video record everything from extreme sports to birthing babies. Users just fasten the GoPro on and record everything in sight in order to share with others or review themselves.

The art community has also jumped on the GoPro bandwagon. Just the other day I witnessed two French artists at Art Wynwood in Miami using GoPros as part of their painting performance. You have to watch the video to see how they paint and record at the same time. The artists, Christian Volckman and Raphael Thierry, are called CR and hail from France. They paint with “four hands.”

CR is well known for collaborative art projects. The painters create animated videos in which one picks up where the other one left off, described as the “cadavre exquis” method. The GoPro videos are projected on flat screen displays for all to see. The entire process makes you feel like you are part of the art.

I own a GoPro. They are so much fun. The only challenge is that you have to be a skilled editor. I am not. It takes a lot of time to produce an exciting video when you have hours and hours of footage.

You have to cut more than you keep. That’s tough for most people.

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