I Want My Drafts Whenever, Wherever

Let me be the first to tell you the problem with certain applications. Unless you use them a lot you wouldn’t know this.

Your work in “draft form” does not transfer from app to app. For example, I was writing this post on the WordPress app on my iPad.

The iPad’s battery was running low so I switched to WordPress on my iPhone.

I couldn’t finish the post I was working on because it was saved in draft form on my iPad. Drafts only reside where you create them. If I had posted it, I would be able to view it from any of my devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even my laptop.

This is going to be true for any app that allows you to create. A draft is a draft and it stays on the unit you are working on.

If you understand technology you would understand why this all makes sense. I am not a true techie. All I can say is that I want my drafts to transfer this way so I can work in stages from any device.

A girl can only dream.


1 thought on “I Want My Drafts Whenever, Wherever

  1. Hi, I know what you mean! So I was thrilled to discover there are several great options that can be very handy for all of us boomers and seniors on the move. I use Evernote and Dropbox for things I am writing while babysitting grandkids or when I’m at the doctors or hospital with my senior mom. I have both these free apps set up on my main Mac, along with my PC, NetBook and iPhone. Whatever I type and save in them will sync with all the rest. They are a huge help for a busy caregiver – constantly on the run. If you have any questions about them – let me know. One caveat I will add – while Evernote is free, I did opt for the $45 (or so) premium account which gives even more great options including fairly easy recovery of files I have accidentally deleted.

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