To Walk, Or Not To Walk. That Is The Question

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and ears, last night. Lester Holt announced on NBC Nightly News, that a new medical device, implanted on the spine of a paralyzed person, could wake up dead nerves. That means that many people, who have been paralyzed for many years, could possibly walk again.

This is absolutely incredible news. I really want to find out more about this invention because I have a young friend, who has been in a wheelchair, for more than 20 years. He was perfectly fine until he had a benign cyst removed from his spine.

The operation was a success, but a nurse didn’t properly drain his incision during the early post-op period. The lack of proper care damaged the nerves in his spine, and he could no longer feel his legs. He has been in a wheel chair ever since. That didn’t stop him from becoming a major motivational speaker, and a comedy performer in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He also married a gorgeous female athlete and fathered two children.

I am not even sure that my friend would even want to be cured. He is well known for his positive life in a wheelchair and for the sports he plays. He once explained to me that he established a career, a public and family life and many extra curricular activities that are centered around being handicapped. He doesn’t know if he would ever want to change that.


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